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About Angola - Off The Beaten Track

Angola lies in a sub tropical zone on the West coast of Southern Africa, boasting miles of sandy beaches and an abundance of animal and plant species. The country, untouched by mass tourism, offers adventurous travelers secluded wildlife parks, as well as rich cultural and scenic African encounters.

After years of civil war this former Portuguese colony, where Portuguese is still widely spoken, is now welcoming tourists. A vast west African country, Angola covers 1 246 700 sq km's and boasts 1650 km's of scenic coastline.

Angola Safaris - Adventure in Africa

African Budget Safaris offers a 12-day 4x4 camping and lodge safari to Angola that visits top highlights such as:

  • Lubango city and Tundavalle volcanic fissure
  • Namibe Desert and Lake Arco
  • Coastal drive through Baia dos Tigres to Foz du Cunene
  • Iona National Park game drives, Himba Tribes and Ruacana Falls

Activities on the Angola Safari include fishing, swimming or snorkeling along the coast, taking a 4x4 beach drive along sandy beaches and visiting Foz du Cunene and Iona National Park, home to the Himba Tribe and interesting wildlife.


Angola Travel Highlights

Lubango & Tundavala Volcanic Fissure - Hilltop Views

The lush capital city of the Huíla province, Lubango lies at an altitude of 1760m and is one of the countries most beautiful cities surrounded by mountains.  Tundavala volcanic fissure is located on the edge of the escarpment not far from Lubango city. The mountains climb to 2600m above sea level offering breathtaking views over the edge of the escarpment as it drops down to the rolling hills below.

Namibe Desert - the Dramatic Coastline

The northern start of Namibia’s Kalahari Desert, the Namibe is known for its mirages, the legendary fishing along its coastline and its rare Welwitchia Mirabilis plants. Long stretches of the coastline in this area are largely uninhabited and virtually untouched fish populations can be found off the shoreline of the Namibe. The high dunes along the coast in the Namibe area create a long narrow strip of beach, along which exhilarating 4X4 drives are permitted. The exciting drive along this stretch of coast passes through spectacular scenery passing shipwrecks lying off the coast.

A hidden treasure lying within a canyon in the Namibe, Lake Arco, is a good place to relax at the water’s edge and do some bird watching. Black-backed Jackals can be found in some of the Namibe’s canyons and the diverse desert landscapes include some particularly beautiful areas well worth exploring. Activities along the Namibe Desert coast include fishing, snorkeling and simply relaxing on the beach, appreciating the open space and clear blue African skies.

Baia dos Tigres - Island of Dunes & Lagoons

Baia dos Tigres, Angola’s largest island, lies just off the coast and is characterized by green oases and large dunes that drop dramatically into the ocean.  On its southern end vast lagoons attract an abundance of fish and birds, including flamingos and pelicans. 

Foz du Cunene - Land of Striking Contrasts

Foz du Cunene is located within the Iona National Park on the banks of the Cunene River, which forms part of the border between Angola and Namibia. The lush vegetation along the Cunene River stands in stark contrast with the vast desert surrounding it creating some spectacular scenery. The shallow lagoons at the river mouth attract a rich variety of bird and marine life and the Foz du Cunene area is also known as an excellent fishing spot. This area is also of cultural significance as home to the nomadic Himba tribes.


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