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Johannesburg by Keenan Constance
African Safaris & Tours

10 best budget accommodation spots in

Johannesburg, colloquially known as Jozi, is the coolest city in South Africa. This is something that’ll be…

Sutirta Budiman
Sutirta Budiman (link)
Put the Big 5 on the backburner, in this blog we talk about the small, the bashful and the less-fortunate-looking African animals. Yip, there are a Little 5, Shy 5 and Ugly 5, in addition to the Big 5 animals of Africa.

Shutterstock (link)
This blog, the last in our three-part series on things to do in Cape Town, lists just some of the incredible offerings the areas surrounding the Mother City has for both locals and visitors.

Surfing Morocco by Pitchou10 of Africa’s Best Surfing Spots, from Anchor Point in Morocco to Supertubes in South Africa, as well as some hidden gems for the ultimate surf.

Harvey Barrison
Harvey Barrison (link)
The low season offers distinct advantages in East Africa's top destinations - Masai Mara and Serengeti. One of the most delightful rainy season discoveries is that it's birthing time for many of the animals. Saving on costs is another major perk of low season safaris in East Africa, but that's not all...

How has overland travel in Africa evolved over the decades? We chat with two pioneers in the Africa overlanding industry, Ken Hill and Vivian McCarthy, to find out what’s changed. And, in some cases how the adventure has stayed the same.

Gerry Zambonini
Gerry Zambonini (link)
On African Safaris you may be lucky enough to spot these 10 endangered animals, roaming freely. Get the facts about these endangered African wildlife species, find the best places to see them and see how you can help to ensure their survival!

Overlanding Africa Truck and clients at sunsetBesides the obvious, of travelling through Africa in a big safari truck...  What makes Africa Overland Tours special and different from other Budget African Safaris and holiday packages?  

So there you are in the bush on safari in Africa and now you are wondering what animal you are actually looking at, or what on earth it is doing! Here are a handful of top mobile apps to help you get the most out of your African safari, even where there is no internet access.

A snapshot of Africa’s Best National Parks in the 7 Top Safari Countries, from the legendary Masai Mara in Kenya to Namibia's dramatic Etosha Park and wild South Luangwa in Zambia.

by Simon Caminada on Unsplash
by Simon Caminada on Unsplash (link)
This blog, the second in our three-part series on things to do in Cape Town, lists just some of the incredible offerings the Mother City has for both locals and visitors in and around the CBD to appreciate nature.
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