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White rhino, mother and calf near Lake Nakuru, Kenya
African Wildlife

Endangered Animals in Africa & How to

Take a look at the hard facts about 11 endangered and critically endangered African wildlife species that…

From Kruger Park to Mapungubwe, Isimangaliso to the Cape of Good Hope, you can now visit all 19 of South Africa's National Parks on Google Street View.

A blog on the differences between a safari to the Kruger Park and a safari to Botswana. Both are incredible, and each has its own special bonuses.

From the littlest genet to the most enormous lion, the cats of Kruger are spectacular. Lithe and fierce, we discuss all things wildly feline in this blog.

Forget paying for people to lock away your digital devices at a 'Digital Detox Camp'! Come on safari to Africa instead, where 'digital detox' is the order of the day.

Despite the catastrophic fires along South Africa’s famous Garden Route, there are still some hidden gems beckoning to be discovered.
Nigel (link) (link)
South Africans love a braai. In this blog we talk about all things braai. Prepare to be hungry for fire-cooked food by the end.

Part two of Dan's adventures in Madagascar (day 5 to 9) from Antananarivo to the Fort Dauphin area and on to coastal Manafiafy and then inland to the Mandrare River. To discover the Spiny and Sacred Forests, meet the traditional Antadroy, glimpse the wild flora and fauna of Madagascar and more, see our intrepid explorer's tales and images...

Daniel De Lapelin Dumont
Daniel De Lapelin Dumont (link)
Earlier this year, Dan spent ten days in Madagascar, travelling to Antananarivo, Andasibe and the Fort Dauphine region. This travel account details days 1 to 4 of his adventures in the capital, the rainforests and rural Madagascar, with loads of stunning images, personal experiences and helpful advice.

Waterholes are the wildlife version of the coffee machine in the office – they attract everybody to them at various times of the day. As such, they’re the perfect spots for game spotting. Here we list a couple of our favourites.

First-time (and regular) safari visitors often ask about etiquette on safari. Here we give a couple of pointers on what to do and not do when going on safari in Kruger.
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