Favourite African Wildlife Photos of the Week!

Photo of Mourning Elephant in Botswana

Goodby Old Friend - Photo and caption by John Chaney

This moving photo of an elephant guarding the corpse of one of its companions in Botswana gives me goose flesh! 

Photograph by John Chaney, found on the "Outdoor Scenes" section of the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Page.

Image of Lilac Breasted Roller catching a grasshopperin Serengeti

Lilac Breasted Roller in Serengeti by Greg du Toit

Do yourself a favour and take a look at Greg's Photographic Blog.

Greg du Toit is also active on Twitter.

Photo of a Leaping Leopard in Kenya

Leaping Leopard in Samburu, Kenya, by Juan Hernandez

Photograph by Juan Hernandez, found on the Kruger Park Blog, National Geographic – African photo favourites page.

Photograph of a Lioness killing a baby Giraffe 

Lion killing Giraffe in Moremi Botswana by Alwyn Chong

Photograph by Alwyn Chong, found on the "Spontaneous Moments" section of the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Page. 

Hyena mother and cub photo

Hyena and cub by Dylan Davies

It's easy to love the majestic cats of Africa and their cute little cubs, but liking hyenas is a little tougher. This photo of a hyena mother and cub by Dylan Davies shows the gentle side of these roguish scavengers.

Photo from the Mazda Wildlife Photography website and their Facebook Page,  which has loads of awesome wildlife photographs!

Image of Sitting Rhino in Greater Kruger

Sit Boy Sit Photo of Rhino by Richard Millar

Photo from Richard Millar's Blog. Go to Richard's Facebook Page to check out his other fantastic wildlife images. My favourite is the photo of the baby hippo meeting its pod!

Photograph of a young Hornbill

Winning Photo - juvenile Southern Ground Hornbill by Marcelle Robbins

The winning African Wildife photo for July by Marcelle Robbins. Photograph of a juvenile Southern Ground Hornbill on the Mazda Wildlife Photography website.

Photo of a Running Wildebeest in Serengeti

Running Wildebeest by Will Burrard-Lucas

See Burrard-Lucas Photography on Facebook  or follow this great wildlife photographer on Twitter.

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