Budget Wildlife Documentary by Jesse Desjardins

Social Media mogul, and more recently, visitor to these parts, Jesse Desjardins has spent a few nights at Malaria-free safari mecca Shamwari near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, and whilst there, produced a documentary of his experience using only his new iPhone 4. The resulting wildlife clips and game ranger interviews, aptly entitled iShamwari, have been put up on Facebook and already amassed quite a bit of attention from his Twitter followers, as well as legions of other curious safari and iphone devotees.

Until Steve Jobs launched Apple's new high definition-capable device, it was more or less unthinkable to both shoot and edit a video of decent quality on a mobile phone. However, Desjardins' amateur production proves that budget documentaries and filmmaking, whether dealing with wildlife safaris or anything else, are now within reach for anybody in possession of consumer devices like the new iPhone 4.

iShamwari : Cheetahs

iShamwari : Lions

iShamwari : Dung Beatles

Check out more on iShamwari on the Facebook page.

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