Cycling through Africa for Charity - England to Cape Town!

Equipped with only maps and a compass for directions this adventurer has raised about £9260 (R99 600) for the Against Malaria Foundation so far. Peter started his 25,000km bike ride from England to South Africa in August 2009, having cycled 17009km through Europe and West Africa he is now heading for central Africa.

On his epic cycle to Cape Town through 25 countries Peter is riding on some roads that are so truly off the beaten track that they don’t even show up on his maps. In one of his latest blog posts he writes:

“To call them roads is going a bit far. They are unpaved tracks, often no more than a few feet in width, which depending on the geology may be composed of sand, mud or stones, and sometimes a combination of the three.”

As he cycles down Africa Peter is visiting schools, clubs and organizations to give talks about his cycling trip and raise awareness and money for preventing Malaria. 

It’s been a long and sometimes extremely tough journey and when Peter was attacked in March 2010 he found himself asking:

“What the hell am I doing riding a bike through Africa when in the space of two weeks I’ve had both my cameras stolen, all my money taken and my arm and foot slashed with a machete?”

Leaving Abujo in Nigeria

Despite the challenges and misfortunes, this avid cyclist has experienced along the way he has continued cycling through Africa determined to finish his expedition in aid of Malaria prevention. It's not all bad, Peter’s cycle through Africa has also been rewarding, fun, scenic and exciting with one of the many things he has enjoyed being:

“Racing boys on bicycles who are more determined and able to beat me despite being on half-broken single speed bikes.”

In case you haven’t noticed, Peter is a seriously keen cyclist who started with Raleigh bikes as a boy and went on to ride his bike 50,000km from Japan to England between 2005 and 2008.

Read more about Peter’s cycling adventure through Africa on his blog, The Big Africa Cycle. He’s got loads of fantastic photos of his cycle trip and the African places and people he’s encountered along the way, as well as plenty of entertaining stories.

Visit the Against Malaria Foundation to find out more about their work to eradicate Malaria and check out their latest news. 

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