Video of Cyclist Crashing into Buck in KwaZulu Game Reserve

In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s the unbelievable video of cyclist Evan van der Spuy colliding with a speeding antelope appearing out of nowhere during a cycle race in a KwaZulu Natal game reserve.

Of all Africa's wild animals to have a close encounter with in the bush - this mountain biker got in touch with more than nature when connecting with an antelope in a hurry.

Not many can claim to have cycled into a running (or stationary for that matter) antelope, as 17 year-old Evan did earlier this week in a South African game reserve.

Cycling through the game reserve Evan crashed into a red hartebeest antelope bolting across his path by coincidence. The buck seems to have escaped unscathed whilst Evan was floored and had to spend the night in hospital for concussion and whiplash.

This mountain bike rider escaped the incident without more serious injuries thanks to his cycling helmet, which was smashed when he rode into the 20-stone antelope as it leapt into the air in front of him.

The bizarre wildlife incident was captured in the Albert Falls Dam reserve in KwaZulu Natal,

“by Van der Spuy's team mate Travis Walker who was travelling just behind the unfortunate rider filming the race for the sponsors”.

Evan initially attempts to get up but soon falls back into the bush groaning but the buck is back on its feet in a flash and bolts off in a startled hurry.

According to The Washington Post this amazing wildlife video posted on YouTube this week on Monday

"had been viewed more than 5 million times by Wednesday, when it was the most shared and most viewed video in both South Africa and the United States. According to YouTube Charts, it was the most viewed video around the world of those uploaded this week."

The popular video features a red hartebeest buck dashing across the cyclist's path in the bush. These antelopes are reported to have:

“poor eyesight, can travel at up to 30mph and weigh nearly 25 stone.” (The First Post).

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