Google Street View goes Wild

Have you checked it out?!

Nhlanganini koppie trail - google maps -

Google, in partnership with SANParks, has been busy over the last year making all 19 of South Africa's National Parks accessible on Google Street View. Using their fancy pants 22kg-backpack-mounted-15-camera-beast-of-a-contraption worn by volunteers, they trekked through over 900km of our wildest spaces. Now, at home on your computer or in an internet cafe ANYWHERE in the world, you can visit some of South Africa's wildest safari destinations.

Google trekker -

The platform will give people access to South Africa's natural heritage, allow travellers to plan their safari with a better view of what to expect and inspire people who may never have thought of visiting.

Volunteers who helped carry the Trekker Camera came across lions, cheetahs, elephants and more, all of which you can now see as you virtually navigate the wild. Though the maps are not exhaustive, they give the curious a pretty good idea of what to expect on a South African Safari to our National Parks.

Heres a video for you to see what to expect...

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