Incredible Budget Safaris in Zambia

A Zambian safari is an incredible thing. Gorgeous, untouched landscapes filled with spectacular game: it’s an idyllic safari destination. Traditionally, safaris to this landlocked country – nestled between Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, the DRC, Angola and a tiny smidgen of Namibia – have focussed on the more exclusive, high-end (and expensive) safari traveller. This is no run-of-the-mill stuff. Zambia offers adventurous travellers a truly African encounter. 

Budget Zambia Safari

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The really good news is that Zambia, with its truly wild African experience, has opened up to the budget traveller. Tours like our 5 day South Luangwa Tented Camping Safari offer accommodation in luxury en-suite tents near the spectacular South Luangwa National Park at prices that won’t break the bank. Added bonus: the price for this tour includes meals, flights from Livingstone to Mfuwe and daily game viewing.

We’ve got a whole bunch of budget safaris to Zambia, so there’s something to suit everybody’s needs.

Unspoilt, wild

Due to Zambia having been relatively exclusive, safari-wise, the country has remained largely unspoilt. Over thirty percent of the country is allocated to national parks, meaning that there are numerous parks to choose from, and loads of safari activities, all in an environment that gives a real experience of wild Africa to those looking for adventure.

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Our Zambia Exclusive Kafue Camping Safari offers true adventure seekers a 15-day, small group trip through Kafue National Park, starting from Vic Falls. Most nights are spent sleeping in rooftop tents on top of the vehicles under the vast African, star-flung sky, out in the middle of the African bush surrounded only by the wild, and the sounds of Africa’s animals going about their nocturnal business.

Zambia’s National Parks

As we said, an incredible 30% of the land is national park. These include the well-known Kafue National Park in southern central Zambia, the country’s oldest park. It is loved for its vast tracts of untouched bush and the incredible array of wildlife that enjoys it.

South Luangwa

In the south east lies its other most famous park, South Luangwa, with the languid Luangwa River flowing through it. Some people call South Luangwa the greatest wildlife sanctuary in the world, and with good reason. Home to the first walking safaris in Africa, the park offers visitors gorgeous scenery and fantastic wildlife viewing.

Liuwa Plains

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If you’re looking for the vast open plains that are synonymous with Africa, the Liuwa Plains, in the west, are the place to go. Huge wildebeest herds migrate here from Angola after the rains start in November, followed closely by their predators, and mingle with numerous antelope species and zebra while wild dogs watch from the sidelines. Join our Liuwa Plains Migration Zambia Camping Safari to experience this truly unspoilt area.

Kasanka and Lavushi Manda

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A little further north, and suitably remote, lies Kasanka, famous for its millions of bats, the Bangweulu Wetlands and Lavushi Manda National Park. Due to the distances to these parks, you’re guaranteed an uncrowded safari experience. Check out our Kasanka Bats & Bangweulu Wetlands Zambia Safari if this sounds up your alley and you’re looking for an African adventure.

Victoria Falls

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Of course, probably the most famous, and iconic feature of Zambia is Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. This breath-taking wall of water – over 1000m3 of water tumble 108m every second – creates a noise like thunder and is a natural wonder that has to be seen to be believed.

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Beside the falls, the area is known as the ‘Adventure Capital of Africa’, offering an array of adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting and, for the more sedate, helicopter flips over the falls and sundowner cruises along the Zambezi above them.

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If you’re keen to see this ‘bucket list’ place and enjoy some of these adventurous activities, check out our 4 day Victoria Falls Adventure Tour Package or, even better, combine this with our 5 Day South Luangwa Tented Camping Safari and experience Zambia in all its glory.


Zambia is seasonal, with three distinct seasons a year:

  • May to August: cool and dry
  • September to November: hot and dry. The heat can be unbearable in Luangwa during this period
  • December to April: warm and wet, with frequent wild thunderstorms followed by sunshine

During the wet season some camps become flooded and close, so speak to one of our knowledgeable ABS travel consultants to find out the best time to book your budget Zambia safari.

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We love Zambia and are so excited to be able to offer safaris to this spectacular, unspoilt country, with its incredible game viewing, to the budget traveller.

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