Inspiring African Wildlife Photo Exhibition by Legendary Beverly Joubert

This photo exhibition, called “Visions of Africa”, is a collection of wildlife images taken in Africa over the last ten years, by renowned National Geographic filmmaker and photographer, Beverly Joubert.

The National Geographic write-up on the photographic exhibition, says:

“Epic vistas, heart-pounding action, and intimate details are all on display, in images collected over a ten-year period studying lions, leopards, and other wildlife in the Okavango Delta, Duba Plains, Mombo, and the Selinda Reserve.”

Do yourself a favour and take a look at this gripping exhibition, if not in person, then on the National Geographic website. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to include any of the images, for obvious reasons, so go and check them out! 

After seeing her impressive photographs of Africa’s wild animals I watched Life Lessons from Big Cats by Beverly and Dereck Joubert on TED.

This is a great video where you get to know more about the dedicated couple who spend their waking hours in search of unique wildlife footage in the heart of the African bush, as well as learning about their wild subjects!

Life Lessons from Big Cats is mostly about an individual female leopard, seeing her grow from cub to maturity and attempt to take care of a baby baboon orphaned by her first kill. The talk includes some shocking footage of an elephant being attacked by several lions and narrowly escaping death – a real lesson in perseverance and hope!

During their expert and heartfelt presentation the Joubert’s talk about wildlife conservation and the importance of big cats in maintaining ecosystems in Africa.

Dereck explains that part of their all-consuming work entails:

“pushing ourselves by going where no sane person should go.”

South African born Joubert and her film director husband, Dereck, have spent more than 25 years documenting African Big Cats.

Their phenomenal work is aimed at conserving the big cats of Africa and helping people to understand and appreciate these important animals.

These award-winning documentary makers and conservationists are currently focused on establishing a Big Cats Initiative in conjunction with National Geographic. This wildlife conservation initiative is dedicated to conserving big cats in the wild, thus protecting the ecosystem in which they play an integral part.

The Big Cats Initiative is intended as: 

“…an emergency action fund to drive the world’s attention to big cats and to develop real solutions to stop the decline that has seen lion numbers drop from 450,000 to 20,000 in 50 years.”

At the opening of “Visions of Africa” in London earlier this week, Beverly and Dereck presented a talk as one of the prints was auctioned to raise money for the Big Cats Initiative.

Last year “The Last Lions”, a passionate documentary by inspiring husband and wife team was released. This awareness-raising film is the 22nd documentary produced using footage by explorers extraordinaire, Beverly and Dereck, not to mention the numerous articles, papers, books and exhibitions they’ve created!

Watch the official trailer of "The Last Lions" and National Geographic will donate $.10 to lion and big cat conservation in Botswana (every bit counts).

Read more about “The Last Lions” in the Washington post article - Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert chronicle Africa's 'Last Lions'.

Here's a bit of what the IMDb review said about "The Last Lions":

“Pointing to poaching as a primary threat while noting the lion's pride of place on the list for eco-tourists-an industry that brings in 200 billion dollars per year worldwide-the Jouberts build a solid case for both the moral duty we have to protect lions (as well as other threatened "big cats," tigers among them) and the economic sense such protection would make. And when one takes into account the fact that big cats are at the very top of the food chain-and that their elimination would wreak havoc on all species below them, causing a complete ecosystem collapse-the need takes on a supreme urgency.”

I'm so glad that people like Beverly and Dereck are still out their making a difference and fighting for what matters! Seeing their award-winning work has been an inspiration and window into the miracles of Africa's precious wildlife!

See more of Beverly’s striking wildlife photos on (a must-see, they’re really amazing).

Please note that none of the photos in this post are by Beverly. Please follow one of the links to check out her images.

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