Kruger Park Safari Wildlife Sightings - Wild Dogs & Leopards!

Talk about excellent luck with wildlife sightings in Kruger! On my recent safari, not only did we get to gape at several endangered African Wild Dogs, shortly after entering Kruger Park, but we were also lucky enough to make two excellent leopard sightings on our game drives!

African Wild Dogs in Kruger National Park

Wild Dog up close on Kruger Game Drive

Apparently, Wild Dogs are rarely spotted, but this was most certainly not the case this past weekend in Kruger. Our safari group was lucky enough to watch a pack of Wild Dogs laze in the shade right next to the road en route to our camp in Kruger Park. 

Wild Dogs resting beside the road in Kruger Park

We again sighted these rare African Wild Dogs resting in the same spot the following day on our open-vehicle game drive! On both occasions we got a close look at these Wild Dogs as they were right beside the road, napping in the shade to escape the heat of the day.

On our sunset game drive in the game park, the presence of vultures perched in the shrubs alerted us to some Wild Dogs feeding in the bushes near the road after a kill. This time we listened to these carnivores, tuck into their kill more than seeing them, hearing the sounds of crunching bones.

Wild Dogs, also known as painted dogs or spotted dogs, are classified as IUCN endangered species and are among Africa's most endangered mammals.

Wild Dogs in Kruger under the shade of a thorn tree

Kruger is a stronghold for these rare Wild Dogs, with the total population being estimated at 360 Wild Dogs in Kruger Park. Researchers are reported to have identified 27 packs in the game park. 

Read more about the Wild Dogs in Kruger Park and see some more images of the African Wild Dogs.

Leopards in Kruger Park

As luck would have it on our Kruger Safari, we saw a leopard sleeping in a tree - twice!

On two of our game drive,s we looked on as two different leopards slept idly in Marula trees near the road in the southern part of Kruger Park.

Leopard in Marula tree in Kruger

What an amazing experience to see these big cats draped in the branches at close range! 

Leopard in tree on Kruger Safari

Check out some fantastic photographs of Wild Dogs on National Geographic and see more leopard photographs, as well as videos and facts about these elusive cats on the BBC website.

Why not book an affordable Kruger Safari to go see the wild dogs, leopards and other African animals yourself?

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve in Greater Kruger is famous for its superb leopard sightings, so if it is leopards you want to see then peruse our Budget Sabi Sands Safaris.

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