Miraculously Recovered Lioness needs a Home

This lioness was rescued from a snare on October 5 in critical condition with gaping jaw wounds and has since made a miraculous recovery. From having little hope less two months ago this big cat has pulled through with only the scars to show for it. According to the center: 

"...this lioness was a fighter, right from the very start."

Given constant care and medical attention at the wildlife center this spirited feline is now in a holding camp awaiting release into the wild. The lioness cannot be returned to her pride, as she risks being attacked by the other lions that will consider her an outsider.

The Moholoholo animal centre is busy searching for a new home for the rehabilitated lioness that was the sole survivor in this sad mass snaring. She was discovered clinging on to her life amongst other lions, a hyena and other wild animals that were not so lucky as to survive. The local anti-poaching unit was sent in and retrieved over 200 other snares in the area, saving many more wild animals from this terrible fate!

Located at the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains near Kruger Park in South Africa this wildlife center focuses on the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wild animals from across southern Africa. The wildlife center also plays an important role in educating people about Africa's wildlife and breeding various wild animals. In fact Moholoholo is the only animal rehab center in southern Africa to have bred endangered crowned eagles successfully, as well as having bred and the released more than 150 rare serval cats into areas where they had become extinct.

A trip to Africa is undeniably about encountering exciting new cultures and experiencing the magnificence of its wildlife and scenery. Yet there is more to visiting Africa - its also about making a difference by supporting places like the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and appreciating the great value of Africa's wild places and animals. The small entry fees to rehabilitation centers and game parks in Africa are often used to protect the wildlife and wilderness areas, so your travels in Africa play an important role in efforts to conserve the places and animals that you encounter in the wilds!

Read latest wildlife updates from the animal rehabilitation center and visit the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center website to find out more about their important work. It's always inspiring to read about victories in conservation and the efforts being made to protect Africa's wilderness areas and wildlife. For the full story about the rapid recovery of the strong-willed lioness visit the Moholoholo Wildlife Centre's blog (Please be warned that the photo's of the lioness when she arrived are quite graphic).

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