Save the Rhinos Everest Trek by 12-Year-Old!

Rhino poaching is a highly emotive issue and people mostly prefer not to get involved in this sensitive subject. It's truly inspiring to come across people, like Dante, who do get involved and take action to help fight for the survival of these critically endangered animals in Africa.

Dante and his father, Rene, started their Everest Trek for Rhinos earlier this month and are now nearing base camp.

Unite Against Poaching - Everest Trek for Rhinos

Here is the latest Facebook update on their progress (posted today):

"We are now at Gorak Shep. 5003 m!!!! We can see Base Camp and Khumbu Icefall from here. If all goes well tomorrow we will be at Base Camp. Dante is doing so well now and getting lots of admiration, also for his dedication to the rhinos. Regards from Everst trek for Rhinos team"

Visit the Everest Trek for Rhinos Facebook Page for more updates and be sure to show your support for this remarkable father and son team.

Dante Damas Burdych and Dad Rene trek to Unite against Poaching

The Everest Trek for Rhinos team is promoting Unite Against Poaching, a trust that donates funds to the South African National Parks' anti-rhino poaching initiative when people buy cars from selected dealerships in South Africa.

As one of Africa's iconic Big Five animals, rhino conservation is more than an ethical matter for national parks, private game reserves and safari companies depending on the tourism revenue from Big Five game viewing safaris.

The days when the plight of the rhino was a matter for zealots and extreme greenies are long gone. Today the black rhino of Africa is more threatened than ever, being included on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Go support Dante and Rene's efforts to save the rhino on the Everest Trek for Rhinos Facebook Page.

Photos from the Everest Trek for Rhinos Facebook Page.

To see rhinos in the wild these are some of the best African safaris: Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve Safaris and Kruger Safaris in South Africa, Etosha Safaris in Namibia and Hlane Royal National Park Tours in Swaziland.

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