Surprise White Lion Twins Survive after C-Section

White Cub by GettyThe keepers at the Serengeti Park near Hanover didn’t realize that the twins’ mother, Brouks, was pregnant until they found a cub at her side, which died two days later.

Suspecting that Broukshad more babies the park officials sedated the lioness and had her transferred to the Veterinary University in Hanover. Snow-white Niza and Nero were in critical condition for 15 days after closely escaping death. Dr Michael Boeer, Serengeti Park’s veterinary surgeon said:

"They were nearly dead. But we nursed them carefully and they made it."

According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust there are no laws protecting the rare white lions, with the last white lion being sighted in the wild in 1994.

A rare genetic mutation of tawny African Lions, white lions are only naturally found in the area of Timbavati Private Game Reserve, sharing an unfenced boundary with Kruger Park in South Africa.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust provides some interesting facts about white lions.

Read the full article about the white lion twins on Huffington Post  or take a look at some great photo’s of the white cubs on The Daily Mail website.

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