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From 2013 to November 2017 we used TripAdvisor as our review platform and we’re incredibly proud of the five consecutive Certificates of Excellence we received from them. However as a Tour Agent, TripAdvisor advised us, in early November 2017, that we were no longer allowed to retain our listing. The good news is that we still have all of our TripAdvisor reviews right here though, so go ahead and check them out to.

Wonderful service!

With the help of Bronwyn at African Budget Safari, we just completed one of the best trips of our lives. Bronwyn guided us to the 9-day Masai Mara and Serengeti safari: a journey through some of the best game parks in the world, with four nights in small lodges and four nights of camping -- a combination we sought to gain a broader perspective on East Africa. Everything about this trip far exceeded even our highest expectations. We saw more types of animals, and more animals of every type, than we'd ever imagined we'd see. And our guides were fabulous: both knowledgeable about the animals we saw and wonderful people to help us learn more about Kenya and Tanzania.  Bronwyn helped us book this trip with Asili Adventures, seeing us flawlessly through the booking and payment processes and promptly answering any questions we had about visas, vaccinations, tipping, and various other details about our trip. And when our flight into Nairobi was delayed, she helped ensure that the person picking us at the airport was alerted. Fortunately, we had arranged to arrive a day earlier than we needed to -- something I'd advise for any traveler, given the frequency of flight delays.  Also note that Bronwyn can arrange a similar trip without the camping component, if you prefer. We're longtime campers and loved the experience of sharing our camps with elephants and giraffes and zebras and mongooses. But if that's not what you want, I'm sure that Bronwyn can accommodate you.  I also want to say that early in our planning process, Bronwyn was away for a few days -- but that was no problem because her colleague Judy stepped in and helped us along. Truly the entire ABS team seems committed to customer service, and to working with other organizations also committed to customer service (please see my review of Asili Adventures). We would book through ABS again in an instant!  

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3-day camping safari in Kruger

We went on a 3-day camping safari in Kruger Park with African Budget Safaris, staying at Pretoriuskop Rest Camp which was a nice experience. The whole thing was nicely organised a fair-priced. The southern part of Kruger Park seemed quite intensely visited and the main road system was paved. This leaves less of a "wilderness sensation" than what you get in a number of the East African nature reserves. We mostly drove in large 4WD's (6-9 people in the car) and the guide was good at spotting the less obvious animals. All in all, we have excellent sightings of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, water buffalos and hippos as well as several types of antilope and deer. An enjoyable and easy option is you have a few days to spare in Joburg.  

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Awesome Preparation

We booked our Kiboko safari tour via African Budget Safari, working with Ingrid. Ingrid was responsive, knowledgeable and prompt. She/ABS provided all the information we needed for our trip, including details about what to bring, how to pack, directions for seeking immunizations, visa information and more. When I gave information about our flight connections into Windhoek and out of Livingstone, Ingrid set those up for me. FYI, Sense of Africa, our Windhoek shuttle transfer to our motel really screwed up our connection. They didn't have us on the list and we had some issues getting us to the motel. All in all, ABS was great. They know their business and really delivered for us.  

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We had the most amazing trip. All of it. Everything was just perfect. We did the six day Treehouse option and honestly we could not have wished for more. Thank you!

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Great experience

African budget safaris arranged a 4 day package with Batoka Safaris for a tour of Victoria Falls. The package included hotel, sunset cruise, boma dinner, chobe day trip, canoeing, guided tour of the falls,helicopter ride and village tour for a very reasonable price. Tour guides were prompt and excellent guides. Highly recommend!  

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Professional and Responsive

Every step of the way African Budget Safari was responsive and professional. Inquiries were responded to within a single business day and when my first choice was not available, an alternative (which we actually liked better) was suggested. They just did a super job working with me to make this trip a reality. With all the logistics taken care of up front, I was free to relax and enjoy the trip. I highly recommend them.  

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Great experience great organisation

Planning a safari holiday for family of 5 can be very daunting - where to go? where to stay? what to do? budget considerations? so much choice! etc etc. African Budget Safaris was the perfect solution for us. Good website, lots of well planned itineraries to choose from, all well explained, with clear pricing plans. We had one schedule in mind which wasn't quite right for us but with Harriet's advise and guidance we landed on the best one for us. I get the impression lots of people are put off going on safari due to anticipated cost involved. My experience with African Budget Safaris is that it's actually great value considering what is including and a fabulous natural experience. All the experience of Safari you could want including of course up close with animals and wildlife, simple and perfectly suitable accommodation, good wholesome food, great welcoming everywhere, well thought through itineraries delivered without any dramas. Definitely recommend African Budget Safaris - already thinking of our next adventure.  

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Southern Africa Tours

My husband and I booked a Garden Route tour and a Cape to Kruger Tour through ABS. All our many questions were answered promptly and the selection of tours was good. The booking process was painless and efficient and I would definitely use African Budget Safari again for future trips.  

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African Adventure- Lemurs, Gorillas, and Safaris

Our travel agent, Claire, couldn't have been more helpful and supportive in making our 5-week, dream trip come true. She listened to our ideas, was open with changes we had, and found ways to make all of our adrenaline junkie adventures come true. While on the trip, she stayed in touch to make sure all was going well and even had a backup plan when one of our flights got cancelled (due to technical difficulties) without us having to ask. I would HIGHLY recommend this company as we got the best customer service, itinerary, and African trip we could have asked for at a competitive price. We did about 4 different safari destinations, from a walking safari chasing after a male lion, to a car safari seeing a Leopard with her two cubs. I have done many trips in the past (including others to Africa), and this booking process, follow-ups, and actual experience couldn't have been any better! My time in Rwanda with the mountain gorillas was the best nature experience thus far, hands down!

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good organization and imaging safari trip

Good and uncomplicated booking- process, quick answers of the agents of Africa Budget Safaris to all our questions. The trip from Maun to Kasane via the two lodges Sango Safari Camp and Chobe Elefant Camp was very successful ! Imaging sights! Impressive days! Very good individual service at the two lodges. Nice and friendly staff. Good organisation. Engaging game drives. We will come back!  

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Great company

Booked a safari with ABS and received excellent service. I told them what I was looking for and they came up with a great choice and the safari I chose proved to be fantastic with an excellent company. The booking process with ABS was easy as was the payment process. I had lots of questions and they were all answered in a very helpful and friendly way. They were very knowledgeable about the safaris on offer as well as the accommodation and also organised accommodation for our stay in Johannesburg. The safari they offered us was excellent and very good value. I highly recommend this company if you are looking to book a holiday and/or safari in South Africa.  

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African Tented Adventures & African Budget Safaris

My travel agent, Ms. Claire Monson from African Budget Safaris was excellent. She helped me hone in on the right part of Africa, for the right length of time, and at the right cost, for me to maximize my experience animal-viewing. Her help extended to negotiating for me my 1st and my last nights in Jo'Burg, in a lovely guest hostel, as well as airport transfers both from the airport to the guesthouse, and then from the guesthouse to the park.

I spent 4 days / 3 nights fully ensconced from a Thursday afternoon through a Monday morning or so, in Kruger Park, based at Pretoriuskop. The park and experience was utterly phenomenal! My first night there I was lucky enough to be the only one aboard the Safari trip! My guide and driver, a Mr. Darryl, is bright, enthusastic, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the Kruger Park in so many of its aspects, from flora to fauna to geology; from birdcalls to the nature and environment of the Big 5+ that I had come to see.

And see animals I did! And photographed with my phone for an excellent set of souvenirs for folks at home. Leopard, Zebra, Wildebeest, Warthog, Wild Dog, Lion and Lionesses, Rhinoceros, Elephant on many occasions, etc. etc. Truly spectacular every minute of it. Although there was a single supplement included in the price, I therefore had a full two-bed tent with zipped windows and power points for recharging phones / cameras. The tent was super-comfortable. I was able to arrange a dropoff at Nelspruit, for some savinge defrayment, as I was going not back to Jo'Burg but on to Maputo.

I can only rave about the quality of the Vegetarian cooking, and the delicious dinners served nightly, by cook staff who know how to do it right. Breakfast of coffee & rusks was also included,  

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Exceeded expectations

A truly magical tour, perfectly guided by Steph. Awesome on many levels, and accommodation stops you would never know about - real hidden gems.

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Easy book and very professional. Great experience!

We booked a safari in South Africa with Harriet from African Budget Safaris. Harriet was extremely helpful and communicative at every point in the process -- from explaining the safari options, to helping with paperwork, to sending out itineraries and payment reminders. We had a wonderful and seamless trip that was within our price range. Would definitely recommend working with African Budget Safaris and Harriet!  

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Amazing from start to finish

I booked with Daniel at African Budget Safaris. He was lovely, always responded quickly. I felt that we were totally taken care of and in very safe hands. Then the safari itself; accommodation, people etc. was unbelievably great.  

Easy booking, professional service, helpful advice

We used African Budget Safari to find a good family trip for our time in South Africa. When we first started planning our trip to SA, it was really hard to know where to look and what to expect--so African Budget Safari helped us to find something that suited us perfectly. We found them helpful, professional and easy to deal with. Everything worked out as they promised (easy money transfer, contact before the trip, exact trip info, quick replies, etc). We were very pleased with the Earthstompers tour that they arranged for us. We would use African Budget Safari again if we go back to Africa.  

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More nights/days = better experience!

If you only read this part - my advice stay at least 4 nights! The 3 days safari is basically one day to Kruger area, one day in Kruger Park, and one day back to Johannesburg. Kruger is HUGE and it is a "hit or miss" if you will see any animals. We saw only a few. The animals and experiences only got better each day. First, I read and read and read all the reviews about Viva Safaris. They were both positive and negative. YET - I was up for adventure and willing to jump far out of my comfort zone.  I registered for a 5 day, 4 night tour at Marc's Treehouse Camp. I had been staying in Johannesburg at a rented apartment for 9 days in Lonehill and pick up was right on time at my apartment (8:30am). The van was large, with a trailer behind for luggage. We spent the next 1.5 hours picking up other safari members throughout Johannesburg. Then we were off!! The total travel time to our first stop, Tremisana, was approximately five hours total. The first stop was a large travel plaza for snacks and coffee. Next stop for lunch (pre-ordered during the drive so it was ready when we arrived) at a small restaurant. The food was good. We made one more stop on the way for drinks, snacks, etc. I advise AGAINST purchasing snacks as the rule at camp is no food in the room due to monkeys.  We arrived at Temisana with plenty of time to check in, go to our rooms, change, and then on to our first game drive. The dinner under the Marula Tree Boma was the best food we had the entire stay. It may have been the atmosphere, but the Braai (BBQ) was fantastic. We had a visitor during the Braai - a baby elephant. We saw a few glowing eyes in the dark on our return to Tremisana, but not too many other things. The driver was very good spotting things with the spotlight. The next day we took a bush walk. The two guides were EXCEPTIONAL and we saw numerous animals and learned about our surroundings. We saw a crocodile, many hippos (young and old) playing in the river, and about 40 baboons, along with birds, beetles, etc. In the afternoon we had a private game drive in Balule. We saw elephants, giraffes, a few lions, and some zebra. We even stopped at a Marula Tree and our guide picked up some Marula fruit for us to eat! Transferred to Marc's Treehouse Camp. I was considered "most lucky" because I was assigned treehouse #5. I was quite excited! The "best" house that is 10 meters above the ground. It was quite the adventure. I was up early in the mornings to view the river, sitting on my small balcony on the small bench. The second morning I had a monkey sit on the bench next to me!!! Scary and exciting all at the same time. After two nights I requested a different house. I am 55 and just do not like bugs. I reached my tolerance level for them when a HUGE praying mantis was on my bed. It was 5 inches long in the body. That along with the 3 inch beetle that creeped out from under my bed at 6am one morning - - I was done. No screaming from me, just a quick swoosh out the door with assistance from the rug on the floor. This unit has no glass windows, only bars and roll down reed shades. One evening I had a monkey reach in around the secured shade to try and grab my backpack sitting on top of my suitcase. Yup, enough communing with nature!  Day 3 was spent in Kruger National Park. This tour is rain or shine, so be prepared! You ride to the area in the safari vehicle with plastic windows and canvas top. It was 88 degrees F and raining on our trip there. The group chose to keep the front window down and the sides up. We all had rain ponchos and it was not too bad. The driver would always ask us: "How much air conditioning?" Which means how fast do you want him to drive! Kruger is huge. The drivers keep in contact with other tour drivers in the park, yet game viewing was sparse the day we were there. We did see elephants, lions, and various birds. No rhino or water buffalo. Yet, I believe the driver tried his best! Day 4 - for me one of the best days. There were only 3 of us left from our original group. Most people signed up for the 3 day tour. In the morning we went to Mohohololo Wildlife center. We arrived right before a large tour bus. We sat for the video and presentation and then split up into groups to go out into the wildlife area with cages, etc. It was POURING rain. The tour bus people decided to leave and it was just my party of 3 and our camp guide. We stayed in the shelter area and learned about the various birds in cages right outside. The rain lessened and as this was a "once in a lifetime experience" we decided to brave the rain. We got to watch the employees clean the wild dog area, we helped feed the lion, cheetah, and dogs! (Through the fence, of course.) Also we went into the vulture enclosure and tossed meat to most of the birds.  After our return to the treehouse camp, we changed, ate lunch, and then were off on another adventure, this time we were dropped off at Tshukudo to join others for a game drive. The rain had stopped and it was BEAUTIFUL. We saw ALL THE BIG 5 this time!!! The highlights were 1) the cheetah under a tree eating the animal she had killed earlier in the day; and 2) the lion up close and personal roaring!!  Back to the camp where I was now in treehouse #7. I had an indoor toilet and shower room. A double bed, and a huge glass window to view the river. There was a large deck on this unit also. Yay! I was able to take a shower without the monkeys watching! Day 5 I declined the bushwalk early in the morning. We had our final breakfast at camp (there was a new group of 3 day people here now so the camp was full) and then the three of us were off on our way back to Johannesburg. A similar itinerary on the return, except we make a stop at Blyde River Canyon, which was spectacular. I know this is long, details are good! With respect to food at camp, it is basic simple South African food. Sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes, eggs, toast, chicken, etc. Not bad, but not 5 star luxury safari food. As a note, on our last day at the 5 star Tshukudu location they were having sandwiches for dinner! One final note - as a solo travellers I had no problems at all. The other people were usually in groups of two, but were friendly and we all had fun together. There were a few other solo travellers, but each of those were on the 3 day tour.

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African Budget Safaris regroups all kinds of tours. It is very easy to find what you look for according to the duration, the countries visited, the budget, etc. I booked a 12 day tour in Namibia starting in Cape Town, SA. I had to submit all my informations by email and got an answer the day after. We exchanged a couple of emails and did everything including the payment by internet. After payment, they give you lots of information about the tour, predeparture infos, etc. I would recommend it to anyone. At first, we booked the camping tour, and then decided to upgrade for the accomodated tour and they helped us to change our booking.  

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Harriet is the BEST!

Had an amazing 4 day safari in Sabi Sands thanks to Harriet. She was always incredibly fast to respond and the camp we ended up at was just beautiful. Exceeded all expectations in terms of luxury and at a great price! Because of Harriet's great service, I have an 8-day safari lined up with them again for Madagascar next week as well. Harriet, again, was a pleasure to work with. They're a tour operator you can trust. Can't wait for the adventure!

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Botswana Safari

African Budget Safaris organized an excellent safari for our group of 8 in early May 2017. I worked with Chris who was extremely responsive and quickly answered my questions and emails. When he was away for a short time, another staff member filled in. When we had questions about reviews of the safari we were scheduled to take, Chris contacted the safari company and reassured us that our concerns had been addressed. And indeed, our safari was excellent (Okvango Expeditions, aka Lewis Safaris “Best of Botswana” 7-day full-participation camping safari). The expectations our group of 8 had for the safari were exceeded –our guide (Sam) was extremely knowledgeable and our cook Noha (Kaizer) made delicious meals (and baked bread in coals most days!).  

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