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Nairobi to Cape Town Overland Camping Safari

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Serengeti plain
56 days
From Nairobi to Cape Town
A trip of a lifetime from Kenya to South Africa. Explore the game parks, waterways, beaches, villages and a host of other highlights on this 56 day epic voyage. Go gorilla trekking in Uganda, travelling from East to Southern Africa through nine countries!
Countries Visited
South Africa,  
Top Destinations Visited
Bwindi National Park,  
Cape Town,  
Chobe National Park,  
Dar Es Salaam,  
Etosha National Park,  
Fish River Canyon,  
Lake Malawi,  
Lake Naivasha,  
Lake Nakuru,  
Masai Mara,  
Namib Desert,  
Northern Safari Circuit,  
Okavango Delta,  
South Luangwa National Park,  
Stone Town,  
Victoria Falls,  
Type of Tour
Overland Camping Tours

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Why Travel to Serengeti National Park? by

Tanzania’s premier national park, the Serengeti National Park, is famous for its spectacular annual migration of around 2 million herbivores across its vast plains. The Serengeti National Park is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in the world covering an impressive 14 763 sq km (5,700 sq miles) in the north-west of Tanzania, extending to south-western Kenya. There is more to the Serengeti National Park than game viewing as this vast wilderness area boasts some of Africa’s most breathtaking scenery.

The Great Migration in Serengeti

Known as the “Great Migration” the Serengeti migration is the largest and longest overland migration in the world, consisting of 1.5 million wildebeest, 200 000 zebras and 350 000 gazelles stampeding across the African bushveld in search of water and fresh grazing. The high concentration of migrating large mammals in turn attracts predators including lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas. 

One of the most impressive natural events in the world, the stampeding herbivores cover over 450 km’s (some 500 miles) north and then south again annually, in what is sometimes called the Circular Migration. Although the timing of this breathtaking migration differs according to the rains, the movements generally start in about May when the large mammals migrate north. The massive herds migrate again in October or November moving back to the southern plains and again crossing the Mara River with its crocodiles.

A Closer Look at the Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park is one of several national parks in the Serengeti region, with Serengeti meaning “Endless Plains” in the local Maasai language. The Serengeti Park, declared a world heritage site, is Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national park. The Serengeti Park has also been proclaimed one of the 7 wonders of the world. The Serengeti consists of a variety of different habitats, including grassland plains, kopjes, riverine forest, swamps and woodlands, supporting a high variety of wildlife species. 

The Serengeti National Park can be divided into three distinct sections, the Western Corridor, the Northern Lobo area that extends northwards to the Maasai Mara and the Seronera Valley and Seronera River area. The world's largest unbroken volcanic caldera, the Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge, home to some of the oldest fossils of early humans, are found in the Serengeti area. 

Serengeti National Park Wildlife

Tanzania's Serengeti offers superb game-viewing even out of migration time, when vast herds of buffalo, eland, topi, waterbuck, impala, kongoni and Grant’s gazelle can be seen grazing in the thousands. The Serengeti is famous not only for its migrating wildebeest and herbivores but also for its high concentration of big cats and other predators that these grazers attract. The Serengeti is also home to smaller cats, such as the caracal and serval, as well as jackal, fox, mongoose and genet. Other species found in this wilderness area include crocodiles, hedgehogs, shrews, agama lizards, snakes and dung beetles. Africa’s Big Five are also abundant in the Serengeti, with giraffe, warthog, baboons and African Wild Dogs also inhabiting this flagship game park. The Serengeti hosts around 500 bird species, including black eagle, secretary bird, Kori bustard, shrikes, ostrich, crowned crane and marabou stork.

Serengeti Safaris

We offer a variety of Serengeti Safaris ranging from a 5-day Accommodated Overland Tour to a 56-day Camping Overland Tour. The various tour types cater for different travellers' needs, including itineraries that combine different safari destinations suited to a wide range of budgets, interests and timeframe requirements. We offer the following types of Serengeti Safari:

  • Accommodated Overland Tour
  • Camping Overland Tour
  • Exclusive Overland Tour
  • Budget Camping Safari
  • Budget Lodge Safaris
  • Exclusive Budget Safaris

The various Safaris to the Serengeti National Park focus on game-viewing in this stunning wilderness area teeming with wildlife. For more information about Serengeti Safaris contact: African Budget Safaris

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