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Ethiopia is a country whose main attractions are its rich cultural diversity, ancient history and its beautiful countryside. Ethiopia is located on the "Horn of Africa", and it is from this point that modern man is said to have dispersed from to populate the rest of the world. Ethiopia has not been affected by mass tourism and thus remains a relatively unexplored destination beckoning the adventurous traveller.

History and Culture

The history of Ethiopia dates back over 3000 years and its inhabitants bloodline can be traced back as far as the Queen of Sheba. The country is a historian's delight with some of the most spectacular churches found in Africa. Ethiopia was one of the first countries to be converted to the Christian Faith, despite never being colonized, and to this present day the population of Ethiopia is still predominantly Christian.

Ethiopia from a cultural perspective has drawn from the Mediterranean and the rest of Africa to produce a great fusion of culture. The physical make up of most of the population reflect this fusion been lighter in colour than those in the rest of Africa. Haile Selassie the leader of Ethiopia after Italian occupation was a figure known throughout Africa. A man of vision and strength both within the borders of Ethiopia and outside. A man revered by the Rastafarian Movement even though he was a devout Christian!

Addis Ababa

The Capital City of Addis Ababa is a fascinating city to visit, a melting pot of all that is on offer in Ethiopia, it forms the springboard for travel in the country. Addis Ababa is home to numerous old churches, interesting museums and diverse architecture. In terms of physical landmarks the Simian Mountains are perhaps Ethiopia's best known destinations, well worth visiting.


Ethiopia is characterised by 3 main seasons whose temperatures depending on the altitude. The lowlands are generally hot and humid and the highlights are generally cooler. The dry season runs from October to May while June to September forms the rainy season

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