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Signal Hill looking across to Table Mountain, Cape Town
African Safari Specials

Ten Budget-Busting Reasons To Holiday In

South Africa offers bucket-list travel experiences at a price that is more affordable today than ever…

African adventure travel for seniors? Retired? Perfect! There is a growing trend of more-mature and senior travellers jet-setting around the globe to all manner of exotic and out of the way destinations. African safaris for seniors are no different. The good news is that there are more and more budget tours catering especially for senior travellers in Africa. 

There are now over 1000 African mountain gorillas living in the wild (2018). That's an increase of 25% in the total population of mountain gorillas found in central Africa since 2010!

Bronwyn Lewis
Bronwyn Lewis (link)
Uncover why our scenic Kruger, Swaziland & Mozambique Lodge Safari is the ideal trip for families. Our travel expert Bronwyn Lewis tells us about her unforgettable family holiday in Southern Africa last summer, revealing why this African bush, beach and culture trip is such a family favourite.

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You’ve decided it’s time for an adventure through Africa and are looking into overlanding. In this blog will explain everything you’ll need to know before you book your trip, and what our favourite routes are.

Colin J. McMechan
Colin J. McMechan (link)
When you do the Tanzania Northern Circuit as part of your East African safari adventure, you will visit the Ngorongoro Crater. Relatively small in size, the Ngorongoro Crater packs a big punch with high-density game viewing and breath-taking scenery.

Ingrid Van Wyk
Ingrid Van Wyk (link)
Botswana is a country I fell in love with and will return to year after year. It is one of the few destinations in Southern Africa where you can truly have a remote wilderness experience. See what makes Botswana my favourite and prepare to fall in love too.

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So you’ve decided to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. But where to go: Uganda or Rwanda? We go through the pros and cons of both in this blog.

Shutterstock (link)
While traditionally safaris in Zambia have been more exclusive and tended toward the high end in terms of cost, this wonderfully untamed country has opened up to the budget safari traveller. In this blog we divulge the safari secrets of this incredible safari destination.

Lars Isaak
Lars Isaak (link)
The Garden Route, South Africa’s little slice of Eden, is open for business. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a day-time rambler or just a regular traveller, the Garden Route has AMAZING options for everyone. Lars Isaak recently hooked up with African Budget Safaris and made a pretty awesome video...

Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon (link)
Elephants walking only a hair’s breadth away from your vehicle, penguins floundering on the beach, gorillas sitting damply in a green-jungle cloud. There is a reason that travel to Africa is on just about everyone’s bucket list. Many of these sort-after animal sightings are endangered and so, difficult to spot.  Luckily here in Southern Africa, we have a network of conservationists working, not only to keep these animals alive but to keep them thriving. To help you navigate our pristine wilderness, here’s a list of some of the vulnerable or endangered species and the best places to see them.
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