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“I went on a tailor-made group safari” you tell your friends freshly back from an incredible adventure. But…

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No time to get to Kruger? Fret not. In this blog we delve into the Big Five game reserves near Johannesburg, so you get to have the safari experience anyway.

Keenan Constance
Keenan Constance (link)
Johannesburg is where most international flights land and many safaris start. It shouldn’t, however, just be seen as a gateway. It’s an incredible, busy city with loads to see – history, culture and plenty of shopping. In this blog we list ten spots to stay, that won’t break the bank.

Giraffe Manor
Giraffe Manor (link)
Ever wondered what it feels like to eat breakfast with a giraffe peering over your shoulder? You can experience just this at Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi, Kenya. And that’s why it is on many people’s Bucket List for Africa. Here, at this luxurious boutique hotel, you get to interact with their herd of Rothschild giraffe while you enjoy your afternoon tea and breakfast. 

Are African Safaris for seniors? Yes! African adventure travel is hugely popular with the growing trend of senior travellers jet-setting around the globe to all manner of exotic destinations. Thre great news: more and more budget tours are ideal for senior travellers in Africa! See why 50+ safaris are a big hit with mature globetrotters...

richard evea
richard evea (link)
The breeding of captive lions for ‘canned hunting’ is a blight on South Africa’s image as a travel destination, so much so that a recent report has damned lion breeding farms in the country and called for an end to the practice. Read more about this complex topic and how you can contribute toward protecting Africa’s apex predator.

Karen Corby
Karen Corby (link)
Africa is full of unique tribes and traditions. Visiting these fascinating tribes and immersing yourself in their tribal customs is a sure way to make your African safari an unforgettable experience. Here are six African tribes and their cultural traditions that will inspire you when planning your African safari.

Briony Chisholm
Briony Chisholm (link)
Preparing for your African safari is part of the exhilaration of the trip and we’re often asked what books people should read before coming. In this blog we list some of our favourite recommendations.

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You’ve booked your dream safari to Africa and now your mother/father/friends keep calling and telling you dreadful stories of tropical diseases and illnesses you’ll be exposed to on your trip. Fret not! With good – and well-in-advance – planning and a few simple preparations, you can ensure a hassle- and sickness-free trip of a lifetime.

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There is only one species of leopard, which is divided into nine sub-species, one of which is found throughout Africa: Pathera pardus pardus. This is the one you’ll see, if you’re lucky enough to spot one of these beautiful, but elusive, creatures. In this blog we talk everything leopard.

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Travelling ethically and with a social conscience is important, but how do you achieve that on safari? In this blog, we give you some ideas for responsible travel in Africa.
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