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The latest on travelling Africa the way it should be travelled – on a shoestring, experiencing all that the rugged, beautiful birthplace of mankind has to offer. Expect tales of budget travel heroism, up to the mi

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Hottentots-Holland and Kogelberg by Robert Wallace
Adventure Travel in Africa

Gravitate to the Gravity Adventure Fest in

Now this looks like super-charged fun for the whole family - the 12th Gravity Adventure Festival inside the…

Ninara (link)
Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is spectacular. Climbing it is an incredible experience and an amazing feat. Here we discuss all things Kili and the different routes up to it's peak.

SarahTZ (link)
Here we break down the ins-and-outs and do’s and don’ts of travelling with children in Africa.

Paul Mannix
Paul Mannix (link)
When coming on safari to Africa, many people ask how they can make a meaningful contribution to those more needy. It being the ‘season of giving’, we thought now would be a good time to list just some of the many ways that every visitor (and local) can give back.

Rick McCharles
Rick McCharles (link)
Experience the beauty, wild magic and rewarding challenges that make the Otter Trail so worthwhile. Find out more about this unforgettable coastal hike in our guide - covering the basic facts, preparation advice, packing tips and the essentials of doing South Africa's most famous hiking trail.

Times Asi
Times Asi (link)
See Cape Town like you've never seen it before. When nature meets technology in a beautiful location like Cape Town, you are in for a visual feast!

Ross Huggett
Ross Huggett (link)
From $120 per day for an all-inclusive safari package. That's the no frills option, but the sky is the limit in terms of luxury if you want to spend more. Seasonality, level of accommodation and the destinations you're visiting all make a difference as we explain in this post.

Marc Veraart
Marc Veraart (link)
December and January are high summer in southern Africa and, in many southern African countries, it’s the long school holidays. The weather is great, there’s an air of fun and frivolity and many festivals and celebrations happen!

Andrew James Hofmeyr
Andrew James Hofmeyr (link)
Safe? Eco-Friendly? Good for the sharks? Good for the tourists? Good for tourism? Whats going on with Shark cage diving?!!! We take a trip to Gansbaai to go cage diving with great white sharks. 

The Dogs Bollocks
The Dogs Bollocks (link)
If you love to learn about a new place through food, read on. We asked Capetonians what they think visitors should eat when they come to their city. Some of these foods you’ll find only in Cape Town; the  others are available throughout South Africa.

Tikki Hywood Trust
Tikki Hywood Trust (link)
Pangolins, unique and rarely seen, are the most trafficked animal in the world. We take a closer look at this ellusive creature.
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