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Great White Shark Cage Diving by Hermanus Backpackers
Adventure Travel in Africa

Eye-to-Eye with the Great White - Shark Cage

Shark cage diving! It's one of those adventure activities that elicits strong reactions from people. Mention…

The emerald Garden Route is not only spectacular scenery-wise, but offers visitors pretty much any outdoors activity their heart could desire.

Shutterstock (link)
African fauna and flora need protecting and there are loads of wonderful organisations who do just that. In this blog we visit six of the centres that are included in some ABS safaris.

African Budget Safari supplier
African Budget Safari supplier (link)
Thinking of taking a Tailor-made safari? We chat with Terry Murphy from African Budget Safaris about Tailor-made safaris and just why they are such a great option.

Dave Hurwitz
Dave Hurwitz (link)
False Bay in Cape Town is famous for the Marine Big Five. But based on recent evidence there is a sixth addition to this incredible collection of marine wild life.

Overland travel is a once in a life time experience. While the journey is long, the seats are comfortable enough and there are plenty of fun ways to stay busy. We spoke to the African Budget Safari team for some top tips to get the most out of long hauls across the continent.

While much of Africa is dry, some incredible rivers and wetlands run through it, offering the safari-goer a range of fantastic water-based activities. Here we talk about five of them.

Garonga (link)
We list eleven of our favourite – and most spectacular – safari destinations that are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, community participation and conservation.

Chris Preen - Frames of Mind
Chris Preen - Frames of Mind (link)
South Africa has an amazing winter season with fantastic dry weather and loads of activities. Here are 10 reasons to spend time in South Africa this winter.

For most of us, it’s always good to do a little bit of research about your travel destination. But not everything is about destinations, time tables and itineraries. To get in the mood and feel the flavour of South Africa, pull up a chair and get some popcorn on. These 5 movies will set the tone for your coming adventure.

Dan Mitler
Dan Mitler (link)
Milder temperatures and sparser bush are two just two of the many reasons why winter is the perfect time to come on safari to South Africa. Here we explain them all.
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