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On Set in Africa by Tomasz Dunn
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Ten Movies Shot in Africa

Africa is known for its vast plains and wild scenery, friendly people and incredible animals. Don’t be…

Dan Mitler
Dan Mitler (link)
Milder temperatures and sparser bush are two just two of the many reasons why winter is the perfect time to come on safari to South Africa. Here we explain them all.

Kosie Jansen van Rensburg
Kosie Jansen van Rensburg (link)
5 Must Visit South African Winter Festivals. South Africa has a lot to offer this winter. The winter period runs from April to September. What most people don’t know is that our winters are comparatively mild and dry. That means that when winter is coming, the festivals are too!

David Scheldrick Wildlife Trust
David Scheldrick Wildlife Trust (link)
Game Reserve, National Park, Wilderness Area or Game Farm… South Africa is blessed with astounding natural diversity and beauty. Visitors are literally spoiled for choice regarding where to visit and what to see. But what do each of these different names really mean and what do these options have to offer.

Bernard DUPONT
Bernard DUPONT (link)
With Easter approaching, it seemed like a good time to discuss South Africa’s rabbit populations, especially the Critically Endangered Riverine Rabbit.

Eric Bauer
Eric Bauer (link)
So everybody’s talking about the possibility of travelling to Mars? We’ve got a far better holiday suggestion: Namibia. Here we tell you why.

Dan Mitler
Dan Mitler (link)
A comprehensive guide to all things medical when coming on safari.

A list of our top nine picks for an African safari – bringing you the best experience you can have on your incredible trip to Africa

Rob (link)
Zanzibar is an alluring beach destination, ideally located off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa - one of the best safari regions in Africa. Safari goers often combine their game viewing adventures in Africa with a relaxing getaway to the beautiful, white-sand beaches of Zanzibar Island, for several good reasons!

Here are some interesting and amazing facts about lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos - Africa's Big Five.

Shutterstock (link)
A little lovin’ in blog form, especially for Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry, there’s nothing sickly-sweet about it!
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