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Swaziland is a landlocked country with South Africa to its West, and Mozambique to its East. Swaziland  is the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere.

The King

The country is still one of the only countries in the world run by a Monarch which unfortunately has resulted in a few "haves" and many "have not's". This is a major point of contention at the moment with the local population who generally live in poor conditions with an HIV infection rate as high as 40%.

Game Reserves and other Attractions

The pride of Swaziland's Game reserves at Mlilwane and Mkhaya Game Reserves which are a major draw card to foreign visitors together with the countries casinos. The economy is largely reliant on the Sugar Industry and to a lesser extent forestry and tourism.

Generally speaking Swaziland is often combined with a visit to its neighbouring countries and makes a good day or two stop over.


The climate of Swaziland is determined by the areas latititude. the higher the area the cooler it is. The main tourism area is the Mountain Region to the West of the country and this area is generally humid and wet. the middle and lower area is dry. the rainy season is between October and May and the rainy season been between June and September.

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