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Swakopmund is one of Africa's tour departure hubs.

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Swakopmund is Namibia's adventure capital and the leading holiday resort in Namibia.

About Swakopmund

Home to quaint old Colonial German architecture, Swakopmund is a charming travel destination with wide palm lined streets and plenty of things to do.

Swakopmund features an excellent selection of coffee shops, bars and restaurants, and has some lovely beaches. This pleasant town and its pretty coast are ideal for exploring on foot, shopping and sightseeing. Swakopmund hosts an interesting museum, an aquarium and various art galleries worth visiting, as well as craft shops with African curios. 

Swakopmund Location

Swakopmund is nestled between the icy Atlantic coastline and the vast Namib Desert in northwestern Namibia. South of Swakopmund lies Walvis Bay and the Namib Desert with its Namib-Naukluft National Park.

Namibia's centrally located capital city of Windhoek is located west of Swakopmund and to the north on the Skeleton Coast is the Cape Cross Seal Colony. Swakopmund is conveniently located as a stop over on Namibian Safaris to Damaraland and Etosha Park in the north or to the Namib Desert and Fish River Canyon in the south.

History of Swakopmund

Swakopmund was founded in 1892 by German colonialists as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, a colony of the German Empire until 1915. The history of the town explains the distinct colonial German flavour and the sizeable German-speaking population still found here today.

Swakopmund Attractions

As the Adventure Capital of Namibia Swakopmund offers visitors a wide variety of exciting activities.

Swakopmund Activities include:

  • Sandboarding, dune carting and quad biking
  • Boat cruises to see dolphins and other marine life
  • Surfing, deep-sea diving and fishing
  • Trips to Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay and Cape Cross seal Colony
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Scenic helipcopter and microlight flights
  • Skydiving
  • Camel safaris

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, night clubs and bars to keep visitors entertained in Swakopmund, as well as numerous sights worth exploring.

Sightseeing attractions in Swakopmund, include the beaches, golf courses, the Moon Landscape, Swakopmund Museum, Sam Cohen Library and the historic Woermann House. The Swakopmund Aquarium is also worth visiting along with the horse graves near Swakopmund, Welwitschia Mirabilis and the Regimental badges near Swakopmund.

When to go to Swakopmund

Swakopmund has a mild and pleasant climate, offering a cool retreat from the hot interior of Namibia during summer months (December to January).

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