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Lesotho is a tiny Mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa. The area it covers is roughly the size of Belgium. The most predominant natural feature of Lesotho is the Maluti mountain Range. This mountain range is best explored by pony and as a result one of the main reasons that travellers come to Lesotho is to do pony trekking.

People and Culture

The Basotho Population are friendly and open to tourists. They traditionally wear a straw hat and always have a blanket around them due to the fact that Lesotho due to its elevated position can get cold. The Basotho men also always have gum boots on which dates back to the fact that many of them are migrant mine workers in South Africa.


Lesotho's main source of income is water. Lesotho is a major supplier of water to South Africa's economic hub the Witwatersrand through the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. Tourism also plays an important role in the economy especially at a grass route level.


Due to its altitude Lesotho generally is a cool country. Most of the rain falls in summer in the form of thunderstorms. Winters are cold with the lowlands getting down to -7 °C and the highlands to -18 °C. Snow often falls in the highlands between May and September.

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