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Swakopmund -
Getting There & Away

You can fly to Walvis Bay from the international (Windhoek-Hosea Kutako) or lesser-known domestic (Eros) airport in Windhoek and catch a bus, train or a taxi to Swakopmund, some 35 km away. Flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa also fly into Walvis Bay Airport, serviced by Air Namibia and South African Airways.

From Windhoek, Swakopmund can also be accessed by long-haul bus, mini-bus shuttle service, shared mini-bus taxi and train (standard or luxury). A popular option is also to rent a car in Windhoek and drive to Swakopmund (about 5 hours). The cheapest option is to take a minibus taxi, which is also a good way to get up close to the locals as the buses are often packed. The next best, in terms of price, is the long-haul bus option that departs at set times unlike the local mini buses. The train trip is reasonably priced, but it is an overnight journey, so its your slowest option.

Long-haul buses also travel from Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa.

Swakopmund - Airports

Walvis Bay Airport

This is the closest airport to Swakopmund, located 15 km from Walvis Bay. Daily flights operate between the Rooikop Airport (Walvis Bay Airport) and South Africa's O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, as well as the Cape Town International Airport. You can get flights between Walvis Bay Aiport and Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport and there are also flights to and from the Eros Airport of Windhoek. Air Namibia and South African Airways service the Walvis Bay Airport, Namibia's third largest airport.

It takes about half an hour to get from the international airport to Swakopmund and shuttle services also run to Walvis Bay.

Swakopmund - Things to Do

Visit Swakopmund Museum

In the old harbour warehouse, at the foot of the lighthouse lies Swakopmund Museum, worth a visit for some historical insight into the town and Namibia. Learn about the flora, fauna, ethnology and colonial influences of the country.

Go to the National Marine Aquarium

Delve into the underwater world of the cold Atlantic Ocean, at the marine aquarium, set along the waterfront of Swakopmund. The tunnel walk provides close up views of the marine animals and fish swimming around, including sharks and rays.

Try Sandboarding in the Namib

Go sandboarding on the dunes around Swakopmund, choosing between the lie-down and stand-up options. This thrilling, high-speed dune riding is likened to snowboarding and is an exciting way to explore the desert.

Get Your Adrenalin Up with Skydiving

The skydiving in Swakopmund is top-notch, with an impeccable safety record and spectacular desert-meets-ocean scenery. You can go tandem skydiving here with experienced crews.

Horseback Riding in the Desert

Ride along the Swakop River, through the desert dunes and along the beach. Horse trails range from hour long outings to adventures spanning a few days or moonlight rides.

Spot the Distinctive German Architecture

The historical Woermannhaus building is a German-style national monument with a tower which rises above the buildings around it. Built in 1905 the building has an interesting history. For traditional German architecture take a look at the Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim, built in 1902, and the Alte Gefängnis, built in 1909.

Scenic Flights, Helicopter Rides & Hot Air Balloon Trips

Heavier on the budget, but fantastic ways to get a bird's-eye view of the dune fields and endless deserts, flowing to the coast. You can fly in a small plane or helicopter or take a slower approach by hot air balloon.

Township Tours & Cultural Village Excursions

Visit the small villages around Swakopmund to see what rural life is like in Africa or go into an informal township settlement to get a feel for urban living in Namibia.

Explore the Namib by Quad Bike or 4WD

Take to the dunes on a guided 4x4 exploration or head off on a thrilling quad bike adventure testing your grit and getting your heart rate pumping. 

Marine & Bird Life Tours

See the huge seal colony at Cape Cross along the Skeleton Coast to the north of Swakopmund, or head south to Walvis Bay for a boat cruise on the lagoon to see a plethora of birds.

Rock on at Kristall Galerie

Pop in at Kristall Galerie to see the largest quartz crystal known to man. The gallery displays a collection of gems, souvenirs, jewelry, crockery and semi-precious stones.