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Where is Madagascar located?

Madagascar is situated to the East of Mozambique and is the fourth largest island in the world. It is about twice the size of Britain and is characterised by 6 different Microclimates making Madagascar one of the most fascinating countries in the world to visit.

Tourism is still in its infancy in Madagascar due to its location and poor infrastructure but in recent times Madagascar has begun to open up to the rest of the world, and what a fascinating country it is!

Fauna and flora of Madagascar

Each microclimate and area has its own ecosystem with Madagascar as a whole having 5% of the worlds fauna and flora, of which 80% is unique to Madagascar. From Lemurs to Giant Chameleons Madagascar is a botanical and zoological wonderland. You will get to see plants and animals that you would never have seen before, this combined with the sheer beauty of Madagascar makes for a wonderfully memorable visit.

People and Cultures of Madagascar

The population of Madagascar are predominantly of SE Asia, Pacific Islander and African Descent with a recent European addition. Malagasy is the language of the country but French is widely spoken. 50% of the population still practise their own traditional religion. 43% are Christian (mainly Roman Catholic) and 7% Islamic. On the whole, tourism is a new phenomenon for the people of Madagascar and more and more of them are realising the potential of this source of income which has resulted in a really positive attitude towards tourists.

What's the weather like in Madagascar? 

The climate of Madagascar is generally subtropical with November to April being hot and rainy. However, the climate of Madagascar is strongly affected by altitude and geographical position and there are distinct microclimates unique to certain regions.

Best time to travel to Madagascar?

The best time to visit Madagascar is from May to October (fall to spring) as this period is generally cool and dry which makes it a great time to travel. The prime months to visit Madagascar are from July to September because of the pleasant weather and whale watching.

  • Best time to see lemurs in Madagascar: from June to December. October and November are the best months for seeing baby lemurs. 
  • Best time to go kayaking in Madagascar: between May and December. The best region for kayaking is South Eastern Madagascar.
  • Best time for whale watching in Madagascar: between July and September. The best place for watching humpback whales is Ile Sainte Marie.
  • Best beach time in Madagascar: September, October and November into early December when the weather is hot and relatively dry.
  • Best time for low season travel: April is out of peak season so the national parks and beaches are quieter. 
  • Avoid cyclone season: travel to Madagascar between December and March is usually not recommended due to cyclones.

Budget Travel in Madagascar - is it an affordable destination?

Madagascar is a relatively cheap destination. The most expensive part of visiting Madagascar is usually the flights.

In 2017, well-known travel blogger, Nomad Matt reported that although "getting to the country is expensive, once you are there everything is incredibly cheap". 

Travelling independently can be surprisingly affordable if you are prepared to rough it a little. Two main ways to save on expenses are to sleep in hostels and take public minibus transport (shared taxi-brousse). The shared minibuses do, however, require patience and are often crowded so prepare to be uncomfortable.  

Our Budget Madagascar Tours offer excellent-value-for-money and are designed to make travelling in Madagascar easier and more fulfilling. The idea is to enable travellers to focus on enjoying the country without expending too much energy on logistics and budgeting along the way. All accommodation and transfers are typically included, along with some or most meals and activities, and an English-speaking guide for park visits. Our affordable Madagascar Tours are packed with adventure but you won't be tested to your limits in an overcrowded minibus or dodgy hostel. 

Madagascan Industry & Vanilla

The main industries in Madagascar are Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry. However, with the opening up of Madagascar to tourism, it will not be long before sustainable tourism comes to the fore. Deforestation has been a major problem in Madagascar with a slash-and-burn technique widely used. Sustainable tourism in Madagascar will go a long way in curbing these long-standing policies.

Madagascar produces 80% of the world's natural vanilla (according to this Financial Times article in 2018) making it the primary supplier of vanilla pods which are used to flavour ice cream, confectionaries and chocolate. The booming vanilla industry is providing local farmers with income-generating opportunities as the demand for vanilla grows and the price rises. Sadly, the vanilla industry is characterised by violence, corruption and crime as well as driving deforestation and reducing populations of endangered wildlife. Yet, there are thousands of small-scale farmers growing vanilla sustainably. Trade in this traceable vanilla offers a more environmentally sound and socially responsible route which international buyers can choose. 

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Google Map of Madagascar

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Duration 15 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R28871 $2043 £1596 €1809 A$2875 C$2717 NZ$2988 Full pricing info
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10242822185 79fd0da21c o (1) A small group, accommodated tour through to the Southern and Western areas of Madagascar, visiting beautiful rain forests, culturally rich towns and stunning beaches. A 15 day Safari of a lifetime.

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Best of Madagascar Beach & Rainforests Tour

Duration 12 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
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Madagascar chameleon cropped Travel through Madagascar's beautiful terrain visiting rainforests, beaches and heritage sites along the way! A taste of this beautiful Island that will leave you wanting more!

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Madagascar Luxury Kayaking Adventure

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4026784053 5ed1b54356 o Explore Madagascar by kayak on this Luxury Kayaking Trip combining comfortable lodge and bush camping. Discover the scenic Sainte Luce Reserve, Manafiafy Beach and Fort Dauphin on an exciting and relaxing adventure.

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Madagascar Masoala Peninsula Wildlife Safari

Duration 08 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R21785 $1542 £1204 €1365 A$2170 C$2050 NZ$2255 Full pricing info
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21928548293 43b3709ba5 o (2) A great getaway to Madagascar's Masoala Peninsula. Experience the rainforests and beach of this unique section of Madagascar.

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Eastern Madagascar Tour - Andasibe & St Marie Island

Duration 08 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R19232 $1361 £1063 €1205 A$1915 C$1810 NZ$1991 Full pricing info
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Ile aux nattes A great 8 day getaway to the lesser travelled Eastern Madagascar, a forest, wildlife and beach Safari adventure.

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Northern Madagascar Safari

Duration 08 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R28488 $2016 £1575 €1785 A$2837 C$2681 NZ$2949 Full pricing info
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Madagascar lemur A fantastic journey to the Northern section of Madagascar, discover the unique wildlife prevalent in the forests, relax on the white beaches of Nosy Be and walk the streets of Antananarivo.

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Madagascar Beach Holiday to Sainte Marie

Duration 06 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R13550 $959 £749 €849 A$1349 C$1275 NZ$1402 Full pricing info
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Seaside accommodation A great 6 day package to the island of Sainte Marie off the coast of Madagascar. Explore the island's secluded coves, beaches and rich cultural life.

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Madagascar Budget Safari: Nosy Be Island Holiday

Duration 05 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R5410 $383 £299 €339 A$539 C$509 NZ$560 Full pricing info
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Nosy Be Island Madagascar A 5-Day Tour Package on the Madagascan Island of Nosy Be where you can explore the warm waters or simply soak up the sun on the white, sandy beaches.

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Montagne d’Ambre & Diego Suarez Madagascar Safari

Duration 04 Days, Travel Style Lodge Safaris
Priced from pps R10773 $762 £596 €675 A$1073 C$1014 NZ$1115 Full pricing info
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3226261320 bf349af61f o An accommodated tour to the small town of Diego Suarez and the rainforest of Montagne d'Ambre National Park, on of the most beautiful parks in Madagascar and home to an abundance of unique Fauna and Flora.

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