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Moremi Game Reserve

Considered one of Africa’s most beautiful wildlife areas, Moremi Reserve covers the diverse eastern part of the Okavango Delta in Botswana offering a superb all-round African Safari experience.

The wide variety of habitats found in the remote Moremi support a high diversity of animal, bird and plant species. Moremi Reserve’s varying terrain can be explored not only by 4x4 safari vehicle, but also on foot and by traditional dugout canoe or motorboat.

Moremi Game Reserve Wildlife

Moremi is home to a vast array of wild animals, including the iconic Big Five of Africa - buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and rhino, in some parts. A healthy population of the endangered African Wild Dog is found in Moremi Reserve as well as hyaena, jackal and the shy cheetah.

Other game includes giraffe, zebra, impala, red lechwe, situanga antelope, wildebeest, kudu, puku, hartebeest, sable antelope and waterbuck. Baboons, monkeys, warthogs, hippos and crocodiles also inhabit the game reserve.

Moremi Game Reserve is home to an impressive variety of birdlife with nearly 500 bird species to be spotted. The abundant bird species range from forest dwellers to water birds, including numerous duck and goose species, as well as an incredible array of herons.

The Mombo Concession within Moremi is sometimes called the "predator capital of Africa" hosting the highest concentration of lions, leopards, cheetah and African wild dogs in Botswana. Moremi was voted the ‘Best Game Reserve in Africa’ by the prestigious African Travel and Tourism Association at the 2008 Tourism Indaba in South Africa.

Moremi Game Reserve Geography

Moremi Game Reserve covers around 4,871 km2 of eastern and central Okavango Delta in northwest Botswana. The unspoiled game reserve incorporates a contrasting range of landscapes from permanent waters to dry habitats, including mopane woodland, acacia forests, savannahs, floodplains and lagoons.

The largest island in Moremi, Chiefs Island, offers excellent game viewing as do the savannahs of Moremi Tongue, a large land mass extending into the delta in eastern Moremi.

Most of Moremi is watery delta habitat with the mainland covering only about 30% of the game reserve.

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