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Khama Rhino Sanctuary - a Must See!

This rhino sanctuary is situated in eastern Botswana, covering prime rhino habitat. Khama is a relatively small game reserve, started about 22 years ago as a community based project. It spreads across the Kalahari sandveld - and is dotted with water holes

What is Khama Sanctuary about?

It exists to preserve the rich diversity of our animal world - by providing a haven for wildlife under threat. Under its protective umbrella, black and white rhino are on the increase - as are many other species. The aim of Khama is to return these wild animals to the wilderness, so that it becomes truly alive - once more!

Khama is able to offer the chance of a wonderful safari experience. This in turn profits the local community. A hat-trick of benefits!

Meet the Resident Wildlife - the current caste includes

  • rhinos (white and black)  - the "stars" of the sanctuary
  • ostriches 
  • black backed jackals
  • zebras
  • giraffes
  • variety of antelopes eg. springbok, impala, steenbok, kudu and duiker
  • African rock pythons
  • over 230 species of birds

Good Game Viewing Spots...

  • Serwe Pan and Bird Hide - for wildlife
  • Malema's Pan - for spectacular sunsets

Grasp the Chance to...

  • Embark on game drives - self-drive and guided tours in 2x2 or 4x4
  • Spot wildlife species reintroduced into the Khama reserve, including Burchell's zebra, blue wildebeest, eland, gemsbok and springbok
  • Go Rhino Tracking - open to16 to 60 year olds
  • Take nature walks - maps available, routes well signposted
  • Camp in the wilderness

Top Tip:

Get close-up and personal with the wildlife - hire binoculars!

Call to all Schools & Adventure-loving Groups:

Khama offers an educational adventure that appeals to pupils and nature lovers.

  • Unforgettable outdoor experiences
  • Fascinating centre-based follow-up work
  • Fun of dormitory accommodation amongst the wildlife

Facilities include:

  • Restaurant - eat indoors or barbecue al fresco
  • Craft shop - local artifacts available for that unique souvenir
  • Chalets - self-catering 

Weather at Khama

The dry season lasts from April to October -  summers hot with average temperatures around 26 °C (78.8 °F)

Your Visit Makes a Difference! 

Your visit to Khama Rhino Sanctuary helps to support their vital conservation work. Khama is considered a model for wildlife conservation and a leader in anti-poaching efforts.

It is reported that not one animal has been poached in Khama Sanctuary for about 24 years! This wildlife sanctuary provides hope that...

  • our endangered species will not become a mere memory
  • future generations will see Africa's willdlife wandering free in nature

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