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Exclusive Camping Safaris Explained

The Rolls-Royce of budget camping safaris - Exclusive Camping Safaris While searching for a budget tour,…

Luke Hardiman
Luke Hardiman (link)
Africa abounds with adventure - whether you explore it on foot, bike, horseback, 4x4, bicycle, canoe, boat, underwater, free falling, kloofing or floating in a hot air balloon, you’re in for an unforgettable ride.

flowcomm (link)
I was fortunate to be invited to join a short safari to the Kruger National Park. So I escaped the wet, winter chills of Cape Town and headed for a quick trip to the bushveld.

Pe_Wu (link)
We often get asked about 'overnight' Big Five safaris out of Cape Town. Here we explain why this is not ideal.

Cristoffer Crusell
Cristoffer Crusell (link)
We often get clients who are disappointed by the fact that they didn’t see the Big Five on their walking safari. In this blog we explain why this is so, and highlight why a walking safari is so wonderful - what you can expect to see, smell, hear and learn in the African bush.

The Safari Tart
The Safari Tart (link)
Finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of travelling seems complicated at times - so let's walk lightly through some ways to green your travels in Africa. You don't need to give up on luxuries and sacrifice comfort, or blow your budget and forsake modern amenities in order to be a more eco-friendly traveller...

Ant's Nest
Ant's Nest (link)
Travelling with kids on safari can be wonderful, but needs careful consideration. Malaria, long distances and safety are just a few things to be thought about. Here we list some of our favourite kid-friendly spots in southern and East Africa.

PROTambako The Jaguar
PROTambako The Jaguar (link)
The low season offers distinct advantages in East Africa's top destinations, including Masai Mara and Serengeti. One of the most delightful rainy season discoveries is that it's birthing time for many of the animals. Saving on costs is another major perk of low season safaris, but that's not all...

Mumbo Island
Mumbo Island (link)
It's hard to pick favourites when talking accommodation in Africa, but we've made a shortlist of 23 of our best unusual and quirky spots to stay when on safari in southern and East Africa.

As we travel and explore the globe, taking a little something home still sits high on the agenda. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of tourists and the consumers’ taste for cheap goods, it’s difficult nowadays to find something truly unusual.

Facebook (link)
We list eleven of our favourite small South African towns that have huge personalities. Get off the beaten track and pay these beauties a visit.
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