Street Map & Detailed Road Map of South Africa

Use the Google map search to find most towns, suburbs and main roads within South Africa. View Street View on roads shown with a blue outline. The street viewer is beneath the map.

Google Maps Street View

Street View is now available in South Africa and availability is indicated above by roads with blue outlines. The default view shown below is Chapmans Peak Drive, Cape Town. The viewer below will update to show a new street view when the map above is focused on an area where Street View is available.

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How to use our interactive map

Our Street Map of South Africa lets you zoom down to road map level (double click to zoom in, right double click to zoom out) , and is particularly detailed in major urban areas, like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria (Gauteng), Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and so on. If you're travelling north of South Africa, some countries are quite well represented and our African road map is very detailed in places. There is good street level detail in countries as far north as Egypt although your mileage may vary for less well-travelled places.

Google Street View in South Africa

Street View is now available in South Africa. Areas you can view at street level are designated by the blue outlines. Search for an address or zoom down to an appropriate level of detail and our Street Viewer will update to show the street view imagery beneath the map. Don't forget to scroll down to check out the street view beneath our map.

Plan your Southern Africa trip

Use our road map of South Africa to plan your self-drive tour or budget city break . The map is also printable, so once you have the street map detail you want displaying, use your web browser to print it out and use on your journey. We'll be adding more map features and overlays soon to give you a more detailed picture of the distances and features to explore for your holiday in South Africa.

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