Before you go on your African Safari

Travelling With Children


New regulations came into effect from October 1st 2016 for children travelling to Botswana. Children under 18 years of age will now be required to produce an unabridged birth certificate. For more information contact the Director of Immigration and Citizenship at +267 3611301 / +267 71327608

South Africa

new regulations came into effect from June 1st 2015 for children travelling to/from South Africa. Children under 18 years of age will now be required to produce an unabridged birth certificate or the equivalent from their country of origin which must state the names of both parents. For more information, please contact your local consulate and visit the South African Home Affairs website or check out this pdf document

Visas & Tourism Levies

Passports - Very Important!

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your trip
  • You will need at least one blank page for each country visited
  • In case you lose your passport or have it stolen, it is a very good idea to bring a photocopy of the first 4 pages of your passport, which you then keep separate from the original.
  • You must check with each consulate of each country you will visit, prior to your departure, to confirm what the visa requirements are. Make sure you check this, way in advance of your departure to allow time to get the necessary visas.


All tourists entering Botswana must pay a $30 USD tourism levy as of 1 June 2017. Citizens of countries belonging to the Southern African Development Community are exempt from this charge. This levy is payable at airports and border posts - basically, anywhere you might enter Botswana. Payment can be made by cash (USD) or card. 


New regulations came into effect on 1st September 2015 and all visitors to Kenya, requiring a visa, can now apply for their visas online, prior to travel, rather than applying on arrival. The eCitizen, is an easy-to-use and efficient e-visa service, where all nationals requiring a visa can log onto the online portal and apply for their Kenya entry visa.

Kenya has also joined 40 countries in banning plastic bags, so as to reduce the impact on the environment. Please ensure you do not carry any luggage in plastic bags upon arrival in Kenya. Details and exceptions can be found in this document.


New visa regulations for Malawi came into effect on 1st October 2015. Please contact your nearest Malawian Embassy/Consulate regarding the fees and requirements.

New Zealand

New Zealand passport holders can now apply for a South African visa in either Auckland or Wellington. NZ passport holders in Australia can apply for an SA visa in Canberra, rather than travel back to New Zealand to do so. See this pdf document for details and addresses of visa application centres.

South Africa

All visitors entering South Africa require a minimum of 3 blank visa (not endorsement) pages in their passport of which 2 pages must be lying face to face. Only Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) will be accepted to enter South Africa. Please note that extended passports won’t be accepted any longer.

South Africa – Visas for New Zealanders

As of 16 January 2017 all New Zealand passport holders will have to have a visa in order to visit South Africa.  New Zealand passport holders wanting to apply for a South African visa must do so in person at the South African High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand as per the South African Immigration law and regulations. Turnaround time for visa issuance is between five and seven working days.

New Zealanders living anywhere else in the world (including Australia) that do not have permanent residency in that country, have to go back and apply from the country of origin. The South African High Commission in New Zealand, Wellington, can be contacted via email using the email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]


New electronic visas for Uganda came into effect on 1st July 2016. All visitors who require an entry visa and do not yet have one must apply through the online application system prior to arrival. You are required to upload clear copies of current passport, Yellow fever certificate and passport photo. On completion of the online application you will receive a bar-coded email notification. Print out this email and bring it with you to Uganda.

Upon arrival at any border (entry point) you must present the bar-coded email. The immigration officer will scan the barcode, take your fingerprints and photo and ask for the $100 cash payment for the visa. (Please note, Uganda only accepts USD bills dated 2006 or newer and in excellent condition). A visa sticker will be printed with your photo and placed in your passport.

Online applications must be made through the visa immigration website.

Medical Stuff - Malaria & Yellow Fever

Travellers visiting East Africa & some parts of Southern Africa require a yellow fever inoculation and are strongly advised to take malaria prophylactics.

It is important to note that some countries, including South Africa and Botswana, require proof of a yellow fever vaccination from people who have travelled from, or have transitted through yellow fever-endemic countries within the past 6 months.

Please speak to your doctor at least 1 month prior to travel.

The following posts have more information :

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Passports need to have a minimum of 6 months validity from your return date.

Passport and tourist visa requirements are your own responsibility; please check that you have the necessary visas for the countries you will be visiting on tour.

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