Most Amazing Drone Footage from Cape Town

Drones have become the latest in must-have high-tech toys. Combine this incredible piece of machinery with a place like Cape Town and you are in for some phenomenal footage. Home to some spectacular views and some extraordinary marine life Cape Town has it all. I took a look at the best drone footage from around Cape Town and came up with my top 5 video clips.

#5 My Cape Town Selfie (The Dronie)

Drone enthusiast Luke Bell had this to say about the latest trend in pop culture:

“The drone selfie, or dronie, has become quite popular this year, but this video goes above and beyond by using it as a means of travel between beautiful locations around Cape”. His video combines the intimacy of the selfie with the shout-it-out beauty of the mother city and it has to be said that the results are spectacular! Can you name the icons?

#4 A few Hundred Dolphins in Sea Point

Sea point is famous for its promenade where Capetonians flock to soak up the sun, swim in the fantastic Sea Point pool or go kayaking in the deep blue waters. It also has a resident pod of broadside dolphins. Here a pod of a few hundred dolphins swimming just offshore was captured over a period of about 40 minutes.

#3 Mini Cape Town

Vibrant, dynamic, beautiful and surprising. Cape Town is a veritable playground and Hloniphizwe Coleman captures the essence of this with the mother city depicted as a mini toy town.

#2 Cape Town

Its cheating a little but Luke Maximo Bell’s composition of shots from around Cape Town really captures the beauty and majesty of this phenomenal city from Cape point to the V&A Waterfront.

#1 Pod of 60 (SIXTY) Humpback Whales Cruise Past Cape Town

It’s not every day you get to see a whale. Drone enthusiast Kieren Donnelly was lucky enough to capture incredible drone footage of a pod of nearly 60 humpback whales. Kieren said that he first saw them from the promenade in Sea Point and went to investigate. The coastline around Sea Point is known for its dolphins and the occasional seal, penguin or whale. But 60 whales in one go is pretty unreal!

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