Choosing a Safari

Choosing a safari out of the multitude of incredible sounding trips is hard. But fun! Believe it or not, it's a good idea to take both your personality type and destination preferences into consideration when choosing.

Okay, okay, we know that sounds a little esoteric, but actually it’s something that really helps when choosing your safari … some are better suited to introverts who like their quiet time, while others are perfect for young bucks who’re keen for some adrenaline-pumping activities and socializing while experiencing the best Africa has to offer.

In this blog, we’ll suggest some safaris, firstly two by personality, and then four getting even more ‘shoo-wow’, using the four Greek elements. If your ideal safari isn’t in the list, fret not! Just get hold of one of the knowledgeable consultants and they’ll find the perfect fit. Who says safaris don’t also include a little psychosocial analysis?


Small Group Tours to Namibia

ShutterstockSurveying the Fish River Canyon - Shutterstock

Has the hustle-and-bustle of modern city life got you down? Are you looking for some introspection, some quiet me-time? Small group safaris to Namibia are the answer. Known for its vastness and solitude, Namibia’s desert silence is interrupted only by the chirping of insects and birds.

ShutterstockTwo oryx in Etosha - Shutterstock

Covering an area of 825 615 km2 and with a population of only just over 2 million, it really is the place of solitude. It is entirely possible to drive through the more remote areas of Namibia for a whole day, without seeing another soul.

ShutterstockThe road to Spitzkoppe - Shutterstock

Add to that, the spectacular scenery of Namibia, with the red dunes of Sosussvlei, the vast Fish River Canyon, the desert vistas of Etosha and the Skeleton Coast’s barren-but-beautiful coastal scenery, and you’re A for Away with your quietly beautiful safari.

ShutterstockThe solitude of Sossusvlei - Shutterstock

Suggested tours (all limited to a maximum of 12 travellers):

Extroverts: Overlanding between Cape Town and Vic Falls

Joe PyrekDevil's Pool, above Vic Falls - Joe Pyrek

For the younger (or younger-at-heart), more extroverted traveller, group overlanding trips are the way to go. These trips are an adventure of a lifetime, with shared duties and travel experiences creating friendships that last a lifetime. It’s the perfect combination of nature-loving and party-time.

Martijn.MunnekeRafting the Zambezi - Martijn.Munneke

Start in Nairobi, Kenya and work your way down, or choose a shorter trip starting further south: the options are endless. On Vic Falls Tours, get the adrenaline pumping with bungee jumping off the bridge that connects Zambia to Zimbabwe, white river rafting underneath it, taking a dip in the Devil’s Pool above the falls or a flip in a helicopter above the falls.

DAVID HOLTOkavango, Botswana - DAVID HOLT

Then it’s a trip to see the best of Africa’s wildlife and scenery as you make your way through Botswana and Namibia and back into South Africa to the beauty of Cape Town. Alternatively, choose to end in vibey Johannesburg and include the world-famous Kruger Park in your trip.

Whichever way you go, you’re assured of a fun time while experiencing the best that nature can offer in Africa.

Stig NygaardSoccer-watching and pool-playing on tour - Stig Nygaard

Suggested tours:


Yip, we’ve chosen a couple of our best safari trips using the ancient Greek elements – earth, water, fire and air.


Are you looking for a truly wild African safari? Do you want to experience the splendour of the African bush? Put away your cell phones, get ready for some bundu-bashing and head to the parks of Zambia. Here, you can experience the earth as it was a thousand years ago – unspoilt, uncrowded, and filled with spectacular game.

Laura KayYoung lion, South Luangwa - Laura Kay

If ‘salt of the earth’ is more your style, Botswana Safaris are for you. Do a trip that includes the incredible Makgadikgadi salt pans, interspersed with magnificent baobabs.

abi.bhattachanBaobabs - abi.bhattachan

At Swakopmund, you can go sandboarding on the dunes. Be warned, this may result in ‘earth’ finding its way everywhere – including in your mouth – but it’s absolutely worth it for the thrill! A number of operators offer sandboarding, including Ultimate Sandboarding and Alter Action Sandboarding. Most Namibia Tours visit Swakopmund with some safaris departing or ending in this adventure hub.

Luke PriceSandboarding, Namibia - Luke Price

Suggested tours:


Africa has plenty of water in some areas and none in others! If the water you love is of the salty kind, explore the sandy beaches and warm Indian Ocean on one of our Zanzibar Tours or trips to Mozambique.

Mathias Apitz (Munchen)Zanzibar - Mathias Apitz (Munchen)

Freshwater more your style? Take a mokoro trip and marvel at the beauty of the Okavango Delta, with its winding waterways, grunting hippos and prolific birdlife. We have plenty of affordable Okavango Delta Safaris to choose from.

Lawrence MurraySunset mokoro trip - Lawrence Murray

If you’re looking for loud and wild, make sure that the breath-taking Victoria Falls are part of your itinerary. Here, you can really get your watery fix – get soaked by the fine mist that sprays off this majestic torrent of water or get really into it and experience white water rafting below the falls along the Zambezi River!

NinaraVictoria Falls, from the side - Ninara

If white river rafting (or tubing) appeals, get hold of Shockwave Adventures or Shearwater. Adrenaline pumping adventures not your thing? Why not go for a sedate sundowner cruise above the falls on the Zambezi Explorer or Wild Horizons boats.

ShutterstockSunset on the Zambezi - Shutterstock

Suggested tours:


Fireside chats are kind of a given on safari. There really is nothing better than enjoying a drink with fellow travellers and discussing your sightings of the day, around the fire. Overhead, the African night sky glitters and sparkles as friendships are forged.

Ed RalphAfrican night sky - Ed Ralph

Some of our trips include bush braais (barbecues), served away from camp. The trip to the dinner and back often includes fantastic sightings of Africa’s nocturnal beasts.

Hakon ThingstadFireside - Hakon Thingstad

Suggested tours:


Africa is filled with vast open spaces and plenty of air. One of our best safari experiences is up in the air – balloon rides over the Serengeti. Nothing beats floating quietly above this vast area feeling like the only people on earth. Get hold of Serengeti Balloon Safaris and experience something out-of-this-world. Alternatively, book one of our budget Serengeti Safaris - many of which give you the opportunity to book Serengeti balloon trips as optional activities.

David BerkowitzAbove the Serengeti - David Berkowitz

Helicopter flips and small plane trips are offered at various other places too, such as Vic Falls and the Okavango Delta. If your budget can manage it, do yourselves a favour and take a trip up in the air above Africa’s favourite landmarks. Alternatively, opt for a fly-in safari. The Zambezi Helicopter Company and Chikopopkopo are just two of a number of helicopter operators at Vic Falls. Our short Victoria Falls Tours to either the Zimbabwean or Zambian side of Vic Falls, include a helicopter flight and other exciting adventure activities.

KateOkavango from above - Kate 

If you prefer the feeling of the air in your face, go sky diving in Swakopmund – pure exhilaration. Get hold of Ground Rush Adventures and off you go!

ShutterstockFlying! - Shutterstock

Suggested tours:

Whether you're shy or outgoing, a water sign or a fiery one – and even if you're not a great believer in the personality/element classifications – there's an African safari just waiting for you. With spectacular scenery, a plethora of activities, incredible game and friendly people, what are you waiting for?

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