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Usually one chooses to enter travel and tourism, but just occasionally, tourism chooses you. I started as a guide in 1990 and have seen a thousand sunsets over Namib Dunes and watched millions of waves crash over African beaches. I have heard jackal bark, lions roar and elephants trumpet. I have seen cheetah run, leopard stalk and pangolin curl.

I have slept under a canopy of stars. I have cooked gourmet meals with nothing but a campfire and a pot. I have danced with Masai, fed hyena in Habar and swam with dolphins. I have rafted the Nile, the Tugela and the Zambezi. I have heard the call of the Fish Eagle and the crackle of a fire. I have seen impala born and zebra die, BUT I have not yet seen the Mountain Gorilla. 

There is no place I would rather be than with Africa’s vibrant, colourful people, its open plains and dense forests and I will continue to entice as many people as I can to this incredible continent I call home. 

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