Top 10 Things to Do at Victoria Falls - Best Adventure Activities + Videos

At Victoria Falls adventure activities abound, hence its title as Southern Africa’s Adventure Capital. With so many unforgettable things to do at Victoria Falls, there is bound to be something that floats your boat.

Activities at Vic Falls cater for all tastes and types - from the mildly adventurous traveller to the raging adrenalin junkie.

Vic Falls bungee bridge -

Top 10 Adventure Activities at Victoria Falls:

  1. Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls
  2. White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River
  3. Helicopter & Microlight Flights over Vic Falls - Flight of Angels
  4. High Wire Activities - Zipline, Gorge Swing & Flying Fox
  5. Devil's Pool - Swim on the Edge of Victoria Falls
  6. Tandem Skydiving at Victoria Falls
  7. Soft Adventure: Zambezi River Canoeing Trips at Vic Falls
  8. Soft Adventure: Victoria Falls Canopy Tours
  9. Soft-ish Adventure: Abseiling at Vic Falls
  10. Soft Adventure: Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls

To simplify things and save time on planning, check out these two short Victoria Falls tour packages - Victoria Falls Budget Tour (Zimbabwe) and Victoria Falls Adventure Tour (Zambia). Both of these budget-friendly trips include a fantastic mix of exciting adventure activities at Vic Falls.

1. Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

Top of the Victoria Falls adventure activity list – the 111m freefall bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge. Jump headlong towards the rushing waters of the mighty Zambezi River with Vic Falls nearby in the background. If anything is going to kick-start your adrenalin then it’s this bungee jump, one of the highest in the world! 

Watch a bungee jump in action (fast forward to 2:20 for the leap)!

About 50 000 people safely jump off Vic Falls bridge every year. The safety record is 99.9% with one non-fatal accident in 2012.

Bridge Swing off Victoria Falls Bridge

For a similar mega rush to the 111m bungee jump, but facing the right way up and secured in a harness there's also the Bridge Swing. Plus there's the tandem bungee swing (bridge swing) into the gorge for double the fun.

Victoria Falls bungee jumping -

2. White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River

Considered one of the best places in the world to experience white water rafting this is a not-to-be-missed adventure activity at Vic Falls.

The British Canoe Union has ranked the Zambezi at Victoria Falls as Grade 5 river rafting with:

"extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas".

Whitewater rafting down the Zambezi in the famous Batoka Gorge is an adrenaline-inducing experience! Imagine hurtling down the 8m drop at the Stairway to Heaven rapid or down the three waves of Oblivion not to mention the most infamous Commercial Suicide rapid rated 5 to 6 in difficulty.

Zambezi River Rafting -

Choose from half day to full or multi-day rafting trips down the Zambezi River navigating some of the best rapids in the world! The best time to go white water rafting at Vic Falls is between July and February when the water levels are low. Whitewater rafting operations are closed around April to May depending on the rains.

3. Helicopter Flights over Vic Falls - The Flight of Angels

An exhilarating helicopter or microlight flight offers the best views of the famous Victoria Falls and the stunning scenery surrounding the Smoke that Thunders (Mosi-oa-Tunya). The views are spectacular as you can see in the video below (skip to 5 minutes in, to watch from take off)! 

Called “The Flight of Angels” after David Livingstone's first description of the waterfall as a scene so lovely that it must have been "gazed upon by angels in their flight". This thrilling activity gives you a bird’s eye view of the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Stare into the 108-meter deep chasm and get perspective on this huge natural wonder. Helicopter flights can also take you upstream to do some game viewing from this excellent aerial vantage point.

Victoria Falls helicopter flight -

Microlight Flights over Vic Falls

The Flight of the Angels can also be done in a microlight aircraft - a slower-paced trip with the wind blowing through your hair. Microlighting over Vic Falls is arguably more thrilling, because of the open cockpit, smaller size and less powerful engine.

4. High Wire Activities - Zipline, Gorge Swing & Flying Fox

Take it a notch down with the hire wire activities at Vic Falls. The tamest option, the Flying Fox zipline ride, is a good place to start.

Slide across the 200 metre-wide gorge about 120 metres above the floor or the gorge. For this daring cable slide, you are attached to a high wire in a face-down position (like you're flying) or sitting in a harness. Although the Flying Fox is less hair-raising than the other high wire activities it still pumps up your adrenaline levels and delivers stunning views.

To take the fear factor up a notch try the longer zipline ride which runs 425m across the gorge, starting out at about 120 metres above the floor of the gorge. They say you reach speeds of up to 106 km's on the Zip Line Ride, as it runs downhill at an angle.

Next level of daring - the Gorge Swing, like the Bridge Swing but jumping off the 120-metre high edge of the gorge. Start with a heart-stopping 70-metre freefall before swinging 95 metres across Batoka Gorge. Woohoo! 

You can also do the zip line rides and gorge swinging in tandem to share the thrills.
High Wire Activity Tip: It is cheaper to book the high wire adventure activities together as a package deal on the Zimbabwe side.

5. Devil's Pool -  Swim on the Edge of Victoria Falls

Splash in a rock pool on the very edge of Victoria Falls! This exciting and unique Vic Falls activity is definitely one of the best.

You can take a guided trip to Devil's Pool from the Zambia side of Vic Falls. This is one of the best spots for marvelling at Vic Falls and splashing in the pool is a really thrilling and invigorating way to admire the natural wonder.

The Devil's Pool activity is only done during the dry season (from about September to December) and/or when water levels are low enough to be safe for swimming.

You take a boat to Livingstone Island above Vic Falls and from there you walk over rocks and swim to get to Devil's Pool. Once at the pool on the precipice you need to jump in from the rocks above it. The guides help keep you safe and can hold onto your legs as you lie over the rocky wall on the edge, peering into the misty gorge below. The drop from Devil's Pool is over 100 metres, so this activity isn't for the faint-hearted!

6. Tandem Skydiving at Victoria Falls

The king of adrenalin activities at Vic Falls. Forget the fear-triggering 100 metres of the bungee, zip line and bridge swing. With skydiving, we are talking 10 000 metres! 

Take off from the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe and fly over Vic Falls in the small plane. On the way up you get to admire the breathtaking views of Devils Cataract, the Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls from above.

Then the plane circles back and then you (and your instructor) jump out, some 10 000 metres above ground level. Freefall at around 200kph until your parachute opens and you drift back down to the drop zone in Zambezi National Park.

7. Zambezi River Canoeing Trips at Vic Falls

There are a few good operators offering canoeing or kayaking trips on the Upper Zambezi, above Victoria Falls, along with more challenging riverboarding, jetboating and rafting options below the falls. 

The Zambezi River Canoeing and Kayaking Trips are ideal for taking in the wild scenery and spotting hippos, birds and other wildlife. You can opt for an easy, slow paddle for the whole family or crank it up with the white water options for the fit daredevil! Ask us for more info about the choices available.

8. Victoria Falls Canopy Tours

This one is perfect for families in search of a milder adventure for kids and seniors. A network of nine elevated slides and a bridge walkway are suspended between platforms in the forest canopy taking you over the trees and rivers of the Zambezi Gorges. The canopy tour is great for soaking up views of the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls Bridge & the spray of Vic Falls.

Slide distances range from 40 to 85 metres and heights vary. The Vic Falls Canopy Tour takes about two and a half hours. 

9. Abseiling at Vic Falls

One of the softer adventures at Vic Falls, also known as rappelling. Abseil 53m down Batoka Gorge taking in the spectacular views of the Eastern Cataract of Vic Falls with the Victoria Falls bridge in the distance and boiling pot rapids below. 

10. Low-key Adventure: Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls

One of the best things to do at Vic Falls is a Zambezi River Sunset Cruise - if you’ve seen photos of the sunset boat cruise then you’ll know why this activity is a real gem. The setting is magnificent and the sunsets are spectacular. 

Zambezi River boat cruise -

The Zambezi boat cruise is a lovely way to unwind and relax on a Victoria Falls safari after skyrocketing your adrenaline levels with the more extreme activities. After an action-packed day, you get to sit back and sip on sundowners, keeping an eye out for wildlife along the banks and in the shallows of the Zambezi. 

You can also join a smaller speedboat trip for a more intimate Zambezi River Sunset Cruise.

A good variety of birds are commonly spotted, along with hippos, elephants, antelopes and giraffes. The sunset cruises are run by a variety of lodges and operators throughout the year.  

These top 10 adventure activities at Victoria Falls are by no means the only worthwhile things to do at Vic Falls, the list definitely goes on... 

A few more Vic Falls activity ideas...

Visit Victoria Falls waterfall:

Not to be forgotten - visiting the impressive Victoria Falls waterfall is a must. Go witness (and feel) the spray up close and hear the thundering waters as they plummet into the narrow gorge below. 

Victoria Falls waterfall -

Horse-riding Safaris at Vic Falls:

A horseriding safari at Vic Falls is another memorable adventure, especially for nature lovers. Riding a horse through the African bush on safari at Vic Falls is an unobtrusive and intimate way of game viewing and getting to know the wild surroundings.

Wildlife Safaris at Vic Falls & Chobe Day Trips:

You can embark on game viewing drives in Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe or Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia. Night game drives are also offered in some of the private game reserves near Victoria Falls. Heading into the bush at night in an open 4x4 in search of nocturnal animals is a thrilling wildlife experience! 

Victoria Falls is however not a classical wildlife safari destination. The game parks at Vic Falls are relatively small and not as wild and diverse as more famous game viewing destinations in the region. We recommend Zimbabwe's leading game reserve, Hwange National Park, for an authentic wildlife experience, or the world-renowned Chobe National Park in neighbouring Botswana. Chobe Day Tours are very popular and our short Budget Victoria Falls Safaris all include a day trip to Chobe Park.

Steven dosRemediosChobe lion safari - Steven dosRemedios

Cultural activities at Vic Falls:

Cultural experiences on the Zambian side include visiting Mukuni’s village and Maramba market in Livingstone. In Zimbabwe, boma dinners with live dancing, story-telling and musical performances make for memorable cultural experiences.

Please note that we advise travellers to avoid animal interaction activities such as walking with lions and riding elephants due to ethical and conservation concerns. See The Essential Safari Anti-Bucket List - Things to Avoid & Helpful Alternatives for tips and guidance. 

With so many amazing activities at Victoria Falls no wonder this natural wonder is considered the adventure capital of Southern Africa! 

Zambezi River canoe trip -

Short Victoria Falls Package Deals - budget travel options

Our two short Victoria Falls budget tours are ideal for enjoying Vic Falls adventure activities. The Victoria Falls Budget Tour (Zimbabwe) and Victoria Falls Adventure Tour (Zambia) include both laid-back and adrenaline pumping activities:

  • Zambezi River Sunset Cruise
  • Cultural boma dinner & village tour
  • Chobe National Park Safari
  • Half day Zambezi Canoeing Trip
  • Vic Falls Helicopter Flight of Angels

If you have more time, extend your Vic Falls trip to make it a Hwange & Vic Falls SafariFor more options see the Victoria Falls Budget Safaris & Tours available through African Budget Safaris or speak to one of our travel fanatics.

Steve JurvetsonVic Falls activity - Steve Jurvetson

Travel Tip: Book a budget-friendly Tailor-made Victoria Falls Safari

Tailor-made African safaris have become an affordable option these days! We can create a bespoke private tour for you and your travel companion/s to suit your needs and wants.

Here's how tailor-made tours work:

  • You tell us what you want and we do all the legwork using our in-depth knowledge and established relationships to design the best budget tour for you, short or long. 
  • Our team can put together an itinerary with the activities and type of accommodation that you want for anything from two to large groups of travellers.
  • We have longstanding partnerships with trusted tour operators and lodges that give us a commission on the bookings so it doesn't cost you a dime extra!
  • The travel experts at ABS have experience with tailoring tours for older travellers, honeymooning couples, you name it... all kinds of people from across the planet.

Talk to one of our African travel experts to arrange a tailor-made Victoria Falls Tour that's ideal for you.

 James HopperTrustpilot review five stars - James Hopper

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