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Amboseli National Park - best place in Africa to see free-roaming elephants up close

Kenya's Amboseli Park is famous for close-up elephant encounters with its large elephant herds, flanked by the impressive Mount Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania.

Highlights of Amboseli National Park

  • Close-range encounters with wild elephants, especially big bulls
  • Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro as a scenic backdrop
  • Huge elephant herds and numerous big bull elephants with large tusks
  • Maasai cultural encounters and dance performances
  • Swamps hosting numerous buffalos, hippos and a variety of water fowls 
  • Home to four of the Big Five of Africa - lion, leopard, bufalo and elephant

Where is Amboseli National Park?

The game park is located in southern Kenya, almost on the southern border with Tanzania, close to Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is about a four-hour drive (240km's) southeast of Nairobi. The game park is situated in the Loitoktok District, in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, not far from Tsavo National Park to the east.

At around 180 km's it takes just over 4 hours to drive south to Arusha, gateway to the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit. Amboseli is the closest Kenyan game park to Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit, consisting of Lake Manyara, Tarangire Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Amboseli Wildlife

In addition to the large elephant herds that Amboseli is famous for, the game park is also home to wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and plains game. Predators include lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, leopards, caracal, jackals, hyenas and serval cats. Other inhabitants include crocodile, mongoose, porcupine, warthog, hyrax, small dik- dik, impala and Lesser Kudu, among other antelopes.

Elephant herds reaching over 100 individuals, can be sighted in Amboseli; which is renowned for its large, old bull elephants boasting the largest tusks in Africa.

Birdlife in Amboseli Park

Amboseli hosts abundant birdlife, with over 400 bird species.

Birdlife includes pelicans, bee-eaters, Egyptian geese, kingfishers, crakes, hammerkops and 47 types of raptors, including various eagle species. 

Quick Facts About Amboseli

  • Size of 392 km² (151 sq mi)
  • Kenya's second most popular national park after the Maasai Mara
  • Declared a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve in 1991
  • Amboseli has an endless underground water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro's ice cap, which funnel into two clear water springs in the heart of the park.
  • Declared a National Park in 1974

Amboseli Vegetation

Amboseli covers open plains, swamps and the lower volcanic slopes of Kilimanjaro. Part of Amboseli consists of the dried-up Amboseli Lake, where mirrages dance above the arid ground in the heat. Underground water from snow-capped Kilimanjaro feeds the springs and swamps of Amboseli, attracting wildlife and birds, particularly in dry seasons. The open grasslands and sparse vegetation in this low-rainfall wilderness area improve visibility on game drives resulting in more wildlife and bird sightings. 

Maasai of Amboseli

One of the highlights of visiting Amboseli National Park is encountering the proud Maasai people indigenous to the region. Experience the dictinctive ways of these tall, semi-nomadic people, exploring Maasai villages and watching traditional dance performances. The area around Amboseli is dotted with Maasai settelments, with Oloitokitok town being a major Maasai hub. The Maasai are best known for their unique style of dress, with elborate accessories and red robes, as well as their fierce warriors.

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